NEW! Maybelline Master Fix Makeup Setting Spray | Review

Watch my review on Maybellines master contour palette:

This lightweight layer fixes the makeup look you love all day
Boost the wear of your makeup and prevent melting and color fading
Quick-drying mist leaves skin feeling soft and fresh, not sticky or shiny

Why You’ll Love It
This lightweight mist boosts the look of makeup and extends wear all day.

For Best Results
Step 1. Face Studio® Master Fix™ Setting Spray boosts the wear of makeup. Shake well and hold 8-10” away from the face and close eyes.
Step 2. Spray 4-6 times in a clockwise direction, finishing at the nose.
Avoid spraying directly into eyes and lips.

I only use 3 sprays 🙂









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TheBirthOfJackie says:

your lips look like the jokers lips…

Kittenx kore says:

I love your hair!! What kinda highlights did U get?

Ural Uralie says:

WTF have you done with your lips ?? It looks horrible!!!

Ural Uralie says:

you were beautifull before, but with those horrible lips !!!! Girls don’t follow her exemple buy putting the silicone shit in your body. Stay natural ’cause you are beautifull just the way you are!!

Silver Champagne says:

What I find crazy is that you are underlining your lips in this video and videos after this so they don’t look as big. So why go two injections instead of one?

Johnna Morrison says:

Dose it smell like the l’oreal one!

MG CASEY says:

What happened to her mouth?

I'm Laurie says:

What lipstick were you wearing? I love the color! <3

Karen Plascencia says:

Do you post your songs? I like the clips on instagram but im looking to listen to your full covers. Im looking for thinking out loud =)

Sonali Panika says:

Prise kitna hai

Tiana R says:

Your facial expression in the thumbnail scared me… I thought it was a bad product lol

Key's House says:

Something looks weird about her mouth did she use to shuck her thumb or maybe she has an under bite…

Aimee Dunn says:

I was wondering what u thought about nyx matte finishing spray. I seen u use finishing spray by nyx before but didn’t know what kind. if it was dewy or matte

Maria Karla Gonzalez says:

Pleasee tell me what lipsticj you are using

Belle Robbie says:

legit the shittiest review what is happening to you man

Amy Delgado says:

did you get extensions? they look great!

Jeanne Liberato says:

Her lipsticks is annoying, though she’s beautiful

Material Girl says:

I use it but it smells like shit

MaRyaM 666 says:

your eyes r awesome (y)

tzenitzeni100 says:

Your lips were much better before. Now they seem funny, weird. No offence.

Santosh Kumar says:


eliza beth says:

It’s been 2 years since I last watched a video of yours and I stumbled on this and remembered you right away! I subscribed so I don’t lose you again lol

Love shopping says:

omg stop with your lips please.. you had gorgeous beautiful natural lips before ..I’m not hating either … this us just my opinion..

Alyssa Leonard says:

I like the product it does what it says but I can’t stand the smell. It smells funny.

TheAlicat08 says:

i felt more oily with this spray:(

Lucy Pallo says:

What lashes are you wearing !!!!

ZeeStyle says:

LOVE this lip color on you! Looks purdy xoxo

NaturallyKiara says:

I came across these both at the store yesterday & the price sold me on the Maybelline one , but in the past I bought the other one and I loved it so I love both 🙂

Samie Wise says:

This video was a long time ago but girl your makeup was GORGEOUS in this video and just so flawless I’m obsessed

Taylor in Style says:

I have to know what lip color that is!!!!

Cocolove's makeup says:

UGHHH all these fckn haters

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