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Rachel Brown says:

annd it gets o your tits omg

Amanda Anderson says:

Laughed so hard when I heard if ur makeup slides down or around to your tits lmao made my day 😀

Emily Wise says:

i have both of these sprays and i love this review!

Leanne Aguilar says:

thank you for getting straight to the point and not wasting time!

jess kay says:

just the review i was looking for and it happened to be by my favourite! love you! thank you for everything you do xxx

Giselle Crate says:

gets on your tits lol!?
does anyone know of a cheaper setting spray with a high spf??

daria says:


Melissa Addonisio says:

gets on your tits hahahahhahahaha

Illona Wahyudi says:

wow~ You’re really in a good mood aren’t you? 😀 Nice review anyway!! Love it!!

massilovesmj says:

The matte does its job for me specially my t zone I was shocked and I used it the whole day ! Get it

London C says:

I love that you got to the point and didn’t just ramble on to make the video longer. Plus it helped because I have oily skin, I want a dewy look but not an uber shiny face. So to know that the matte spray still gives you a dewy look AND works. You just saved me time and money.

hahayourfunny94 says:

fuck my makeup gets on my tits all the time and my budget is not allowing for my usual All Nighter setting spray. Thanks for the review.

Carla Gloux says:

i hate it when i get makeup on my tits 😉

JRB says:

Am I better off just using a matte powder?

kathleen reed says:


Amelia Goodfellow says:

Can I just use setting spray to keep my makeup in place and not use powder at all? I dislike powder because it gives me a really cakey look, it wipes off quite easily, it accentuates my dry patches and it makes me look quite sickly/ill

katharine edwards says:

that was funny! get Scandinavia setting spray or urban decay is what your saying!?

guerreroalma12 says:

lol! he is so funny! I love how he jokes, but yet has a straight face when he says his funny statements!

Miss B says:

if I don’t use it my makeup is half gone by 2pm. if I use it it stays all day. I like it.

Chanel S says:

The mattifying one is not really mattifying imo its like a dewy matte finish lol its odd but I kinda like it cause it gives your skin a more natural glow type look.

Jasmin Cabrera says:

Short and to the point, Thank You!!!!!

Angela Griffin says:

straight and to the point. love watching you!

bendu1ba6 says:

I love how quick and to the point this is! People tend to over talk in most reviews. 

Helena says:

I was thinking about the expression “if it gets on your tits”… I think a lot of people may confuse that and think that he meant the makeup slides around on your face and getting on your actual tits. Just a thought from someone who isn’t British and who doesn’t use British expressions.

Rowanne Hanes says:

Is the Elf mist and set spray good?

Jazbeck Lara says:

I like how he gets to the point unlike others where they repeat themselves, drift off to a different subject, and have a longass video :p

Claudia Kana says:

Omg let me just take the moment to thank you for getting STRAIGHT TO THE POINT!

Jen Walsh says:

Hee hee hee! Love you

Kimberly haven says:

I love he’s strait to the point, and keeps it strait and simple.

missdjdanger89 says:

i hate this setting spray! cause breakouts so fast.

Kit Kat says:

Ehhhh I use the NYX matte and it just makes my face feel oily. Is there any setting sprays that have a texture more like a dry shampoo? Does that even make sense? I don’t know, but at this point I’m willing to spend a little more cause I normally work 10 hour shifts and the NYX ain’t cutting it at this point.

Arianne Klarisse says:

“It gets on your tits” LOL

NancyGooGoo says:

…and it gets on your tits!  Wayne, you have such a wicked sense of humor! Oh, and by the way, due to this review, I have now bought BOTH the Matte Finish and the Dewy Finish setting sprays. It’ll be my first time using a setting spray and I LOOOOVE a dewy look (I have dry skin) so on Monday when I try them out, I’m sure to be quite pleased with how they leave my makeup. Thanks so much!!

SimplyAnne says:

Love your reviews.

marleysdaughter says:

I love how he gets to the point!!

Arienne Gascon says:

Love it straight to the point thanks!

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