SKINDINAVIA REVIEW & Water TEST!! [ Primer Spray & Setting Spray]

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Today I will be reviewing the Skindinavia Makeup Primer Spray and Setting Spray! I will also be testing out the #takemeswimmingonthefirstdate campaign by dousing my entire face in water 😰.

Water Test:

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SC: TriniNatz


Jen C-J says:

Ugh. Now I have to get this! lol great review

Nan Persaud says:

you crack me up. lol

msbikeback says:

Clicked on the video and heard Beenie Man. Checked your name and saw Trini in it and just had to subscribe. Got hyped and haven’t even watched the video yet.

Mimi Mcbean says:


Roni Adar says:

Why does this not have more views? You’re so fun to watch! Definitely getting this! Thanks so much 🙂

Charity M says:

you’re hilarious! thanks for the honest review!

velma smith says:

Just ran across your channel and I’m doing research on this product can’t seem to find in stores but some people have ordered theirs online, had a bad experience with eBay now I skeptical of ordering. Can you suggest a store. And yes I’m a new subbie.

Kat Lee says:

Now I don’t know what I’m doin wrong but I just got the primer and spray in the mail I used both this morning before work and also setting powder and when I came back from a 5 hour shift I was still oily and had plenty of foundation transfer as I usually do with any other mattifying oil free setting spray. What am I doing wrong? Maybe I’m just really oily

Timesha Warno says:

Word I need this

kulsum reimoo says:

so funnn! such a fun review!!! new subbbieeee here <3

The Ginger Glow says:

Good test. I gots to get this

Mimi Mcbean says:

For y’all who didn’t know this. If you take the well know Urban Decay setting spray and have a look at the back of the bottle, it is actually made by SCANDINAVIA lol not a lot of people know this. And not to forget urban decay is more expensive. This is a great setting spray

Mellonee Edgeston says:

Cute makeup

Natali Murcia says:

1min into this video, first time I run into this channel and I’m subscribed please!!!! u are funny w such a amazing personality girl!!!

Rachelle Auguste says:

I just ordered it. I can’t wait to try it

70Faith says:

Nice… I like it! Going to get this! Thanks for sharing, hun!!!

Courtney Elizabeth says:

Skindinavia is hands down the best finishing spray. I do not get oily at all. I wish they made more products.

Sydnie Ayy says:

just got this I ordered the kit. sooooo excited

Briana Williams says:

i knooooooow youre from NY great review

Trinibabigurl24 says:

lmsoooooo i love ur videos and that lil pause when u said lets go to the beach was sooo cuteee lmaoo heheheeh that pruduct is on pointttttt too a must have omggg,, what about sweat does it protect from sweating too?

Randi Iversen says:

Hey do I spray this first or moisturize and prime first then spray?

heart and soul says:

Great review! I was unsure about buying because of the price but i’m going to a summer festival so this has to be in my bag to keep make-up on fleeeek! Thank you!! X

Beverley Slomofsky says:

Damn girl yo funny! X

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