skindinvina setting spray review


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Ive tried the all nighter by urban decay. It doesnt keep my contour:(

ruu jy says:

Where can i buy this from? Been looking everywhere xx p.s ur flipping amazing xxx

Leigha C. says:

the bridal one is the best! used it all the time and it didnt cause any problems.

bunga cempaka says:

you have a very flawless skin!!!

Vivienne Greenwood says:

I have just tried to order the Primer, Finishing and Recovery and they would not send to Australia. I am beyond upset. I think it is the Recovery as I noted that the Ausie store does not sell the recovery spray.. There is obviously something in there they deem to be dangerous…..typical…they are so over protective.

squirrel says:

What fomula do you recomend? Original one or the bridal?

kenirha says:

I confirm the make up lasts much longer than w/o. Tried it several times on Weddings ( im using the bridal one) and my make up lasted at least 14 hours. I love love love it!!!

Kay Kay says:

do they have an expiry date

eva villarreal says:

I’m watching this in 2016 just wanted to say your so informative i dont know where I’d b without you

Ceci WolfCat M says:

This sounds like something I need! Alcohol is something I don’t worry about on my super oily skin, so I’m going to give it a shot ;} Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you and yours Wayne!

MyEye4Fashion says:

imo yes, because fix+ isn’t actually a setting spray

Christina Trapletti says:

Just got this in the mail and I absolutely love it 🙂 found this product thanks to you!

snoviomjesecu says:


MsChuty18 says:

Thanks Wayne for informative videos.

vivivincenza says:

Does it work on it’s own, or does it need to be used in conjunction with the matching primer?

grammyh2005 says:

What about drugstore options?? I’m 52 & I love both of NYX’s sprays. My face has never felt so smooth after using their pore reduction which I just tap into place then apply lancome foundation & finally use the spray. I’m happy with the results & price but I am always open to new options.

Vicky Allison says:

Hey Wayne – I loved Foundation in under one minute vid, finishing off with a setting spray – am a little confused – would one use Skindinavia spray as said in that vid – but what if you want to use it everyday – would one use a finishing spray – and if so are the cheaper alternatives to Mac Fix Plus? Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and thank you for another year of fantastic vids x

Basyyy Basy says:

i love this product specially urban decay one my makeup lasts forever on my face))

DoliCrem says:

Can you please link or say or write where to get this skindinavia setting spray?

amid1898 says:

would you recommend this for a dancer to wear during her concert?

smily4kama1 says:

is this better than mac fix+?

Tammy Pluskett says:

Wayne wishing you a very merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

Luiza Good God says:

Hey Wayne, like always your videos are always helpful, you’re brilliant ! Can you PLEASE do a review on the urban decay setting sprays? I know they have 2 or 3 different kinds but I’ve heard great things about them, just not sure what the difference between them is. Also, if you could do a tutorial/review on how to use the MAC Sculpting Cream to contour, i’ve had it for months now but can never get the product to look right. if you could please do it that would be great! Thank you so much 😉

Kristie MacLean says:

Quick question: I’ve found that when using this and other setting sprays, if I try to do a touch up with some powder, it causes the foundation to look caked and flaky. Any idea why this would be? Thanks and love the channel.

Saundra Daryab says:

Thanks for the wonderful reviews!!!

MsK Towns says:

I love this! Works well on my combo skin. Happy Holidays Wayne!

mrsmac10 says:

Is this your fave setting spray? Just looking for something to put on to last for ten hours-ish, don’t care about photo flashback, just looking for a good setting spray

ThePinkie033 says:

I have it and can’t stand the sheen it leaves on my skin. It does keep my foundation on all day but it almost feels like I’m spraying hairspray on my face. idk not in love with it, but it does what they claim.

Jenelly says:

to the point. Great

Fathima P. Torres says:

Wayne, Thank you for all the wonderful videos you posted in this 2012; I wish you a happy, healthy and wonderful 2013 and…, of course, more videos!

sara esparza says:

I love this spray but glad u mentioned the alcohol in it!

82seeker says:

Can we see your dog again? :p

Basyyy Basy says:

u will love it coz i ride my bike and i will have makeup on and it rains sometimes and my makeup is still on…love itt:)

sonshine1411 says:

I think he has, but I’m not sure which video? The packaging isn’t the greatest as it’s in a glass bottle and it has a strong scent, but I’ve purchased it over and over. I prefer it to the Urban Decay All Nighter. Try getting it on Ebay…I’ve never paid over about $14 for mine. MUCH cheaper than Skindinavia and UD. 🙂

cntrygal2007 says:

I use ELF’s setting spray. MARVELOUS stuff and NO alcohol! All natural ingredients! 🙂
Won’t empty your wallet, either.

Opinionateher says:

i like the orchids!

Jenna B says:

I love how your reviews are quick and straight to the point.:)

Rea says:

How much it cost? I’m wondering..

hlb0111 says:

how do you make it matte after you’ve sprayed your face with it? for TV..

sonshine1411 says:

Absolutely!!! I personally use Model in a Bottle, but a setting spray is ideal for performers. It will help keep your makeup looking great under hot lights. 🙂

Lo Re Lie says:

How about the elf make up mist and set?

HeidiOfAllTrades says:

Skindinavia<-- Correct spelling 😉 I use Urban Decay all nighter. they work great, in the summer I use the de-slick... I wasn't a fan of Elf setting spray it made my make-up look like it separated or something..Gross! Did not look good. keep the vids coming!

scoutlara91 says:

HAPPY HOLIDAYS, WAYNE!! May 2013 bring you more joy, happiness and love!! You are such an inspiration! Keep on keeping on!!

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