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Setting your makeup is one of the most important things you can do after you’ve applied your makeup. Using a powder and a puff can really “lock” in the makeup and keep it from moving. BUT setting the makeup with powder can lead to a matte effect that is often times not wanted. Using a setting spray can really make a huge difference to your skin and the longevity of your makeup.

Setting sprays sadly do one thing that may or may not make you happy. They bring shine to the skin. This is a good thing if you’re wanting to get rid of the “matte effect” but bad if you prefer a shine free look. That saying Face Atelier is the best option if you wish to keep a matte look.

Make Up For Ever Mist & Fix
MAC Fix +
Urban Decay All Nighter
Model In A bottle
Face Atelier Ultra Matte

Its worth mentioning that none of the above products were giving for free – this is all my own opinion.

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Stepahnie Brooks says:

Oh Wayne you gave me quite a laugh when you said “shine like a disco ball!” I enjoy you so much! Best Wishes XO


U r my best youtuber luv…

Emily Olson says:

Do you have an updated video for these? Setting sprays are becoming all the rage. 

Carissa Cornelius says:

so.. I’ve been using UD all nighter spray for about 3 weeks now.. its the only new product I’ve added to my regimen and I’m currently having my worst break out since highschool! could the alcohol you stated is in it be the culprit?

Erin MacPherson says:

What Wayne is not making even remotely clear and is in fact wrong about  in this video is that there is a big difference between setting sprays and fixing sprays. Setting sprays are used to mesh your makeup in to one layer… (i.e.: Merge the powder and foundation and concealer together as much as possible) and take a tiny bit of an edge off the ‘powdered’ nature of makeup – but does NOT offer any or very very little fixative value or staying power. Confusingly, Mac Fix + is a setting spray and will not offer more hold.  Urban Decal All Nighter is a fixing spray. Applying a fix OVER a setting spray will make your make up last a LOT longer – applying a fix alone will make it last a little longer. Applying something like Mario Badescu Herb Water or Mac Charged water after your make up will literally do nothing. They’re supposed to be applied BEFORE make up as a moisturisation/refreshing mist if that’s what you’re in to. 

RinnyDale says:

Wayne, I am looking at various of Skindinavia Setting Spray and I wonder which should I get .. I’ve combination/oily skin (these days tend to be oily all over) .. please advise ?

ItsKatesChannel says:

When you say makes your face shinny… I guess using hourglass vail powder and setting spray is not a good combo? Hope you’d reply. Thanks!

Hadasa Rodriguez says:

Omggg thank you

Sophia Taylor says:

I love skindinavia

Sasha J. says:

I love the makeup forever spray. It works for me.

munesh ramsaroop says:

sexy,, love your accent

A. Jemima B says:

hiya thanks for the vid! i really want the mac fix plus for the dewy look,but i also want a spray that will make my make last all night, can i use one after the other?

Myracle says:

Which one would be better for everyday use and helps with the transferring?

almondeyez says:

I recently purchased the NYX MATTE Spray. I like the way it sprays… the product dispersed very well over the face and it does set the make-up very well, especially if you will only be in doors. I powder my face a little through out my work shift and then I spray a little of the NYX MATTE SPRAY. I keep bottle of the MAC FIX plus ON DECK. I’ve been using it for 9+ months. With my skin type ( semi oily in the T Zone) I can say the MAC FIX PLUS works VERY WELL at helping my Foundation and Concealer ADHERE to my face. I also spray a coat of it when I’m all done with everyting else (powder, blush,higligter ect.) I think Ill start using the NYX spray for this part simply because I feel it disperse better. The fix plus sprays differently….anyways.I want to try the UD/Skandanavian spray.

COCO Lve says:

Hi, Wayne do one on e.l.f setting spray I use that one and it’s amazing. It’s $3 at Target random conversation with a girl grabbing 2 bottles put me on this and ever since I love it. My only complain is I like my skin to look dewy, this makes it matte other than that my make up stays on my face with this.

Evy Lavato says:

What is a good setting spray for normal dry skin but still helps keep the makeup on long? anyone

Anj Fermor says:

“disappears into the cosmos” I laughed out loud at that!

Meisha Levin says:

I dont know how to reply lol to Erin MacPherson but can I just say that i love you! your info on everything is ON POINT! thank you xx I am from Australia too..

Michelle Lyman says:

does anyone ever get an answer?

RinnyDale says:

I was browsing from webpage to webpage looking for a real good setting spray (I have combination/oily skin) then voila the answer is here .. that is why I always refer to your channel for tips, advise and techniques .. you always tell the truth, KUDOS !

lassmiranda dennsiewillja says:

i see this in 2016 and i have to say now you look great with weight lost

CSLOUE says:

Just got the bridal skindinavia after this

Hanne Overgaard says:

Looking back at an old videos like this really shows how much more healthy and better looking you have become! Great inspiration, keep going n wish me luck with my own goals 😀

Trine Hustad olsen says:

Thanx for this. Now i know a litlebit more about setting spray…

Miss USA Miss Usa says:

Wayne.Have you tried the newest anti-aging pre makeup treatment around the eyes called Tighteye? It is by the same family that makes Skindinavia sprays for Urban Decay.The company is Science serum. Can you please do a how to use Tighteye video for us. I saw celebrities saying it is a botox alternative……..Lori

La Dama del Caribe says:

all.over videos on YouTube about this are long. he gets to the point…

Dandelion Rose says:

People are shedding way too much hate on Model in a Bottle. I agree, the smell takes some getting used to, and therefor, you end up getting used to it and not minding it. And if it really is too powerful, put some perfume on to cover up the smell! Some people also complain about how sticky it is on the face. I agree, when you first put it on it feels a little sticky, but the feeling wears off throughout the day, or at least it did for me! I think the reason for it being so sticky is for the power it actually holds. It keeps makeup on all day, and is known to even be waterproof. I haven’t gone into the water with the product yet, but I am planning to experiment with it in the shower and see how it works. Anyway, my point is, it is a very helpful spray

AN LI says:

Hi Wayne can you please do a video about the products(foundation,powders, even blushes and lipsticks etc..) you are using for very deep skin tones please ?

Evelyn M says:

I wear the MAC fix+ before and after I put my makeup on. I don’t know what everyone is talking about, but this stuff really does keep my makeup in place ALL DAY LONG!!! I’ve never used anything else besides this, and my makeup never stayed on before. I also have very oily skin

samurai seema says:

I heard witch hazel is great for a setting spray

Fernanda Arenas says:

blue marble and green marble review please!!!

Rhiannon Matthias says:

I have slightly oily skin. During the day I use a semi matte foundation. But if I’m going out at night I’ll typically use a mix of two matte foundations. Can I use a matte setting spray like the urban decay de-slick on top of it? Or will it make my makeup cakey?

Kori Rochelle says:

Wayne! please please test out and review ppi blue marble setting spray! Ive heard amazing things about it but you’re the only makeup artist I truly trust for an unbiased opinion xoxo thank you!

star Droplet says:

Is the makeup suppose to look wet when you use it and then dries away quickly? I’m confused because some people use a fine mist, but I saw one girl use it closer to her face and it looked wet, but dried, and she got great use out of it.

meancookie89 says:

I wished u worked for me and only me 🙂

Michelle Rodriguez says:

You’re so knowledgable, Wayne Goss. I love watching your videos. Finally subscribing.

Tamara Ramirez says:

Lol, shine like a disco ball.

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