Transfer Proof Setting Spray?? | Ben Nye Final Seal


Ella Cruz says:

i honestly love !!!!!! i hope she makes it bigger because she is literally every girl doing there makeup for real! i loved watching you experiment!

GiniyaXo says:

omg! is this jasmine from Orlando from my middle school?! lmao I love this video girl, I’m subscribing!

Nat Porras says:

First time in your channel— OMG you gave me life!! hahaha! You entertained me — def made my night! Thanks for this review!

brownsugga cane says:

Where can I purchase this

Secret Garner says:

Ctfu yooo, when u jerked ur head “you might make the wrong move”

Natasha Collins says:

Hi I am watching ur video and I would just like to ask you where do you buy this from is it in the beauty supply store or you have to buy it online where can I buy from

Kayleigh Egner says:

You are awesome I love your personality thanks for the review I might try it just to see lol

Carina Paul says:

Awesome I never knew this stuff existed and I’m on the hunt for this after this video thank you so much. Oh how do you remove this? I use the oil method and then soap and then a half dozen other things. I love your highlighter what do you use?

Pisces Girl Having Reel Fun says:

Just ordered it on Amazon after watching. Hate makeup on his and my clothes.

Stunny Meidjie says:

Try not to use oil base product, try it with bare minerals powder add a little water so you can do a powder foundation to see.

Aaron says:


Ana H says:

Loveeeee your personality!


I bought this one too I can’t wait to use it

Ehi Ediale says:

Lol love this! And your makeup!

Anna says:

You’re hilarious! I’m definitely ordering

verona2g says:


xlaydee123x says:

I’m gonna give this a try for sure…what song was at the beginning btw?

QueenShād says:

This is a sealing spray not a setting spray. Sealing spray has acrylates and stuff that forms a layer and prevents smudging.

It’s for theatre and in theatre they tend to use pancake makeup where you add water to the powder so then it dries matte/powdery as the water evaporates so it works better with these theatre types of products whereas regular everyday makeup has silicones and oils which stays on top of the skin and is harder to seal in

Golden Goddess says:

U were supposed to set your face with powder. Let it dry. Spray then let that dry

Scemja Martice says:

Great video girl

Ponyabout Town says:

Right derr right derr!

Jason Clark says:

this chick is too damn silly to learn from

Amelia joel says:

right thur right thur lmaooo

Tayla Gaddis says:

But it works really good because this is actually setting spray for theatre makeup which is made to survive under heavy light and sweating

james perry says:


M. A. says:

I have been using this stuff for years and love it! Yes, I do smell like a stick of gum for a minute, but it works. I normally feed it through an airbrush machine to get a finer mist; the bottle sometimes sprays out big drops that just soak my face. Also, powder before putting this on…

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