Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray – Is it as good as they claim? | TESTING BEAUTY MYTHS & HACKS

We’re back to test the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray after seeing a test in an Urban Decay Instagram ad, does it perform the way they say it does?

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray
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Joakim Karud – Hurrican (Feat. Andrew Applepie)

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Brendadirk Cramplescrunch says:

Honestly it works for me! I usually become oily after 3-4 hours and the makeup disappears by the end of the day if I don’t spray. If I do, the makeup stays locked on! I only experience oiliness after 6 hous and even then, its not too much. I seriously swear by this product, would never ever go without it.

Ashley A. says:

Should’ve put more product on her arms

vivien khoo says:

I feel like this doesn’t reflect well on the naked face trio if it fades so completely after a couple of wipes. Can vouch for this spray, I use the skindinavia version and my foundation doesn’t transfer after I use the spray even when I blot sweat with a tissue. You have to spray enough to form a thin layer over all your makeup, and best to press it into your skin with a sponge. Better yet, spray on your sponge and press it in, you’ll use much less spray and it locks in tight

Alessandra’s Beauty Videos says:

I bought the very first version they produced circa 2005. It wasn’t a “thing” to spray shit over your face yet, just because. I have oily skin and it promised to control oil production and help my foundation stay intact until I removed it. A total waste of money. My foundation wore off as always. Imagine my surprise when I started watching beauty YouTubers this year and I see them time after time spray their face with this? I really wondered why? You just added one more product to your routine and spent quite a bit of money for something that does absolutely nothing. I think it’s a cae of monkey sees, monkey does.

Vanessa Oelmann says:

Hmmm idk what you did wrong but I once did the same test, my entire arm was full of eyeshadow swatches and I coated them with four spritz of all nighter and then rubbed my arm and it was impossible to get the swatches off!! They only smeared a tiny bit

Ginny D says:

I think the de-slick does a lot of things for my oil and the all nighter makes it last longer in general and help melt the powders into the skin. However, I’m not sure they’re the most long last setting sprays and probably do what most other alcohol and hairspray based setting sprays do. Also, their powder products are really bad at staying on the skin but not so much they just slick off like that lol

Alicia Marie says:

I think they were palming a makeup wipe.

MissMarzenia says:

Thank you for the video. The product does nothing for my skin. I was seeing much better results with smashbox primer water used pre and post makeup. Definitely the worst product of this year for me 🙁

Stephanie Storm says:

When I worked at Disneyland, my job was super stressful and basically required me to wear makeup. This was the only thing that stopped it from running or wearing off throughout the day. So sad it’s almost impossible to find in AU now.

J M says:

This is such a good idea!

Maia MacMahon says:

Am I the only one craving neapolitan ice cream after this???

daisyjilli says:

I had a training class for UD and the reps made us put a sticker stencil on our arm. We proceeded to use put the eyeshadow in the stencil part then sprayed it and left it fro about 15-20min. We then took off the stencil and rubbed the design and that shit really would not come off. I rubbed so hard even with alcohol and no smudges or transfer. I was sold on it. I haven’t bought it yet though cos I’m trying out different sprays.

Jillian Cristina says:

The Milani Make It Last spray works better, just saying.

rebs says:

If I let it dry then it will keep my makeup on through Hell and back. If only they had one for lipstick.

Vr Su says:

actually what ud advertise is kinda half scam and half logic. basically our hand is not producing any oily and completely not sweat during 5 second after spraying with all nighter. when u rubbing it of course it stay put and didnt tranfers even after several hours. try to rub your face after 1-2 hours see how much it transfer. for me personally nothing special about all ud products. in my country this brand price higher and equivalent to luxury brand. it is just so-so product but nothing life changing. it just become highly famous due to raving from youtubers. i have try severals ud products, wearable but nothing special to talk about or feel special about the product. i prefer fix+ compare to ud setting spray. i get a lot of compliment everytime i am using fix+, making my face looking fresh with subtle glow, like straight out from shower

mbf mbf says:

Bought a bottle for my trip to florida. Sweated all day at the parks and makeup didnt budge. This stuff is golden!!!!

Starlight Vlogs says:

I don’t swear by the allnighter to make my makeup last longer, i do keep a travel size on hand tho for when I do other peoples makeup. I swear by the waterproof Catrice concealer a foundation or my Lancome foundation, and the UD B6 spay, which is the equivalent to Mac Fix+ but with more vitamins.

Abigail Garcia says:

I’ve actually done this test in Ulta with the urban decay vendor and it was crazy different with and without the spray on my arms so not sure what happened here.

YouTube Watcher says:

I just use water in a spray bottle and for events I usually do a light spritz or two of hair spray without inhaling. I’m sure it’s bad for you but it works for my uses.

Kayla Chaney says:

I’ve always found that the UD All Nighter Spray dried the fuck out of my skin (I also have combo skin that is dry in most spots). Mario Bedescu rose water facial spray I find hydrates my skin and sets my make up best. The NYX matte finish setting spray also basically cements your make up to your face. Never really have liked Urban Decay much I find that their products aren’t worth their price point and could be so much better but that may just be because they don’t work for my skin or the products I use with them.

Alex Hood says:

do it again with finger swatches of eyeshadows

noraxdem says:

Just like Skindinavia is “the best setting spray” smh. I’ve tried them all, I’ve settled for Slay All Day in Peach (very strong for some, I LOVE the smell which doesn’t stay, naturally) which is cheap considering how long it lasts (and compared to many others). I’ve used cheaper ones and expensive ones. I don’t think in the end they do very much – however they are just the best if you’ve gone a bit heavy handed and end up powdery. The reason I have the one I have is that it smells good, feels nice on the skin applying and after, dries fast and doesn’t make things smudge (some actually did – yikes). I rarely use it tho – it isn’t needed, an extra step that’s imo more preference than actual performance. What make up you have decides how it’s going to last and not what you spray on top, hair spray for make up just doesn’t exist

Michelle Dumelle says:

Idk setting spray is debatable for me..like it does make my base look less cakey but nothing stops my skin from getting oily or fading

Si_Love904 says:

I would love to see a re-test with some eyeshadow swatches! I feel like then a difference is easier to notice <3

Sidrah Hussain says:

what about trying it as a primer under makeup???

The Cuban says:

In the UD video on the left arm the product came clean off, it didn’t smear how it would if you rubbed up and down on the arm. It came off as if removed with a make up wipe. Also, notice how the hand rubbing the right arm is slightly cupped, so it doesn’t actually touch the product. Urban Decay, you should be ashamed off yourself!!!!

lisa Gkill says:

In the advertisement it looks like the person rubbing isn’t putting as much pressure on the side that was sprayed:/

baz says:

I think you guys did bad swatches for this test. They did hard, block swatches yours were sheer.

daniela Rodriguez says:

I don’t use it for the claims of it. I use it because it blends my powders nicely

Monocromal says:

I love that you’re fact checking this, however! I went to a UD store where I swatched my entire forearm with the naked cherry shadows before buying it, and a sales guy told me “check this out!” and sprayed all my swatches with All nighter. Five seconds later he told me to rub it off and I SWEAR , girls I’m telling you, not a single swatch even MOVED. I was so shocked. I still didn’t buy it though lmao (I have a nyx setting spray that I’d like to finish), but it was pretty impressive. I’m sure forearm testing is completely different that testing it in your face, with all the natural oils and all that, but I’m still a believer guys.

Bottle Solvent says:

Makeup wipe in the one hand and not touching with the other.

Licia Cakez says:

I think it’s just misleading:/ I bet the hand she wiped the non set side had something to emulsify the products… plus the swatches were much hea vier therefore a more drastic result? I don’t think setting spray works for longevity, but I like the finish some give the skin… that’s why I use it.

Erica Tsing says:


svartklädd x says:

to me personally, this is the worst setting spray ive ever used.

Julia Chambers says:

UD reps do that our arms at Ulta whenever they work in our stores. It’s always worked for me.

Dallice Baughman says:

Does anyone else break out in a rash when spraying the spray on your face??

Christy B says:

Great test, thanks!

Brit Jus says:

I must say I’ve tried TONS of setting sprays & the only one that works for me is UD all nighter! I actually see a difference.

Lol Lol says:

Do this with other setting sprays like morphe etc. and see which one actually works

Asmrustard says:

I don’t know i think your products should be good enough that you shouldn’t need setting spray

Lola Rodriguez says:

I still love my UD setting spray it makes my makeup last especially on my nose (:

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