14 Best Sunscreens That Actually Work (LISTED)

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Did you know that some sunscreens are not giving the SPF protection promised on their labels?? According to Consumer Reports, it was the case for almost half of the products they tested, so we rounded up the highest performing sunscreens to give recommendations while also giving a bit of insight on sun protection. #prune

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KourtneyFanGirl0127 Maxin Williams says:

dana! its been too long i miss u girl!

BrittanieRae says:

Although this seems like a random topic, I appreciate that there was actual science behind the video and that you mentioned how the FDA is involved. 🙂 Maybe put links to cite your sources and the products in the description? Just a suggestion, missed seeing you Dana!

Rachael Stuart says:


Ege Akdora says:

Aww I missed Dana so much!!

Moncherlo PK says:

Who tried Clinique sunscreen ?

Favour Oladapo says:

DANA !!!!! YAY!!

Elle H says:

The Avon sunscreen is discontinued.

Lily says:

I have number 8 XD

Renata says:

I have super oily skin, what would be better??

Lia Del Bonifro says:

1738th video

Ananya Krishnan says:

@danaward come on beauty break plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Faith jowett says:

Why’s Dana never on beauty break anymore?

StarlingofAzerath says:

Dana!! Go be a guest on beauty break!! We miss you over there!!

Brynne M says:


Avery Cullins says:

I was not expecting this

Laura Jarvis says:


Bárbara Almeida says:

These are all pretty expensive

COGoddess says:

Dana has a pierced n i p. I thought about doing that many times and I always chickened out. Looks hawt.

Pason Pop says:


Emily And Haley says:

We sub back

bnb0510 says:

Cotz in great and they sell it in a tinted formula. Blue lizard is amazing too.

Spark1221 says:

Would be helpful if they were listed below the video, hint-hint–thanks!

Angel Brant-Flener says:

AVON…Seriously? Equate Brands……????

I hate to inform people….but anything over a 30 Spf is nothing more then cold cream full of chemicals. The BEST sunscreen/Sunblock that people need to wear is Zinc and Titanium Dioxide based. The OTC ones mentioned here ALL contain AveBenzone and OxyBenzone. These two chemicals are cancer causing. They also allow the skin to absorb UVA/UVB which in Arizona atleast is known for contributing to Basal Cell Carcinoma. ( Ask anyone at Mayo)

And lastly, for all of you that say that you have it in your makeup or that you work inside all day long….UVA and UVB is emitted by flourescent lighting in the office space AAANNNNNDDDD if you are not reapplying at least a 15SPF every two hours ( think mineral powder here) you dont have adequate coverage.

I guess as a licensed skin person, my clients are lucky that they have me to give them this info! I have my own line because in my State people are scared of getting skin cancer! Not so much of the cancer, but the bills they hafta pay a dermatologist to continually be excising stuff offa their skins!

Stay Blessed Everyone! and Dana…great video!

Maddie Lennon says:

DANA!!!! I love you!

Dijekdk Jridnkdnd says:

My mom who is a person who does Botox ,plastic sugery, tattoo removal,and stuff like that (she only does plastic surgery to other people, and not to herself) she says if the sunscreen has titanium,bueitien,titanium Zane,and other stuff I forgot don’t buy it

PollyMamedePsi says:

FYI, BTW, SPF, UVB, UVA, FDA… so much letters

daniela says:

so… this was kinda boring

Lunaius says:

Ofc the one that works best is super expensive lol

James W says:

What about oils?

Salmaheiba 01 says:


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