15 Sunscreens in India Ranked from Worst to Best

Which is the Best Sunscreen in the Indian Market?

Summer is round the corner and in this season the one cream that should be a part of your daily cosmetic kit is a sunscreen. Sun is the source of energy on this planet, however prolonged exposure to the UV rays of the sun may lead to sunburn, fast ageing and in some cases even skin cancer. So applying a sunscreen on a daily basis becomes extremely important. However, it is shocking that most commercial sunscreens in the market are full of toxic chemicals like oxybenzone, parabens, mineral oil, BHT and many others which not only harm the skin but also completely block the absorption of the Vitamin D in the body, of which the sun is a major source.
So, what choice do we have? Obviously, we want to protect ourselves from the harmful radiations of the sun but at the same time we don’t want a toxic sunscreen to damage our skin.

In search of the best sunscreen in the Indian market I picked up almost 15 sunscreens, some from the supermarket while others online.
After an in-depth analysis, I have sorted out all these sunscreens into 3 categories on the basis of number of toxic chemicals present in them.

01:42 – CATEGORY #1 – These sunscreen creams have 10 or more toxic chemicals in them. Many of these chemicals have been known to interfere with the thyroid gland. Some of these chemicals have the capacity to cross the skin and get into other tissues in the body. Basically, they are the worst in the market.

02:33 – CATEGORY #2 – These sunscreens claim to be non cosmetic and Ayurvedic but it does not mention the complete list of ingredients. However, they do contain some harmful chemicals.

03:33 – What is Sun Protection Factor (SPF) number really means?

04:35 – CATEGORY #3 – Sunscreens by these brands have nothing to hide as they have mentioned the complete list of ingredients. These sunscreens are safe and natural in their true sense.

05:40 – Was this video sponsored?

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Source: http://www.biodizionario.it/

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Akhilesh Nuwal says:

Hi, My skin is extremely dry so what would be the perfect lotion or moisturizer ?

Anju Bala says:

Khadi Natural sunscreen is safe?

Stephi Graph says:

Now which is the best actually?

Kalpana Singh says:

Gud information bro

Mona Dixit says:

Pls suggest best eye kajal nd liner also

Sana Yaqoob says:

Aoa bro u did a great job
bro plz check organic shop online shipping website..
and plz tell Is there all products are trustable r not as well as which companies that serve in this is truly good or which are worst one plz inform me as soon as possible..
love from Pak

saikumar arram says:

Bro make a video on ‘WORST TO BEST BODY LOTIONS’ . Thank you !

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Bro pls make video on body lotion

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Bro pls make vedio on lipbalm

lamha singh says:

I use the Biotique Sunscream…Is it safe?

innocentboyzthegreat says:

lmao stop trying to pretend you live in a 4 season country lol. you should wear sunscreen every day in your oven-esque, musty ass country.

Shifa Shaikh says:

What about ayur sunscreen?

Preetha Menon says:

Good and extremely useful information! Thank you for this

Vishal Lakra says:

bro I use torrent’s SPF 26 is it safe

Anju Bala says:

better, u tell me, after ur recommendations I used khadi shampoo, I am happy with that……. So plzzzzzzz guide me about sunscreen also

Sanisha Maharjan says:

a viedo on cetaphil cleanser also plz

Sandeep Das says:

keep up the good work 🙂

Devyani Hajare says:

How is oriflame products??


Plz natural alage based Omega 3 or DHA supplement pe bhi aap video share kro for vegetarians… Which brand is best for vegetarian

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Also confirm, which one will protect maximum hours from harmful sun rays.

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Shashi Rekha says:

Sir this video is very helpful

Raghu nandan says:

Nice topic, Thank you. But please confirm, which one is good out of these 3 products. In terms of swet, cost, duration to protect the skin, whether it is useful for swiming.

mahi tamudia says:

The people who dislike your videos are the brand representer of the famous companies. Anyways thanks for saving us. Keep up the good work!

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