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Altruist Sunscreen SPF 30 (1L)
Altruist Sunscreen SPF 30 (200mL)
Altruist Sunscreen SPF 50 (100mL)
Altruist Sunscreen SPF 30 (spray)
Altruist Sunscreen SPF 50 (spray)
Altruist Sunscreen SPF 30 (US)

*Also available at Carrefour Belgium, DA drogisterij (NL), Trekpleister (NL)
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saki maki says:

Amazon UK just moved Altruist sunscreen to Prime members only! Nooooo, whhhhyyyyyyy? It was my fave sunscreen ;-(

INU311 says:

I want you to know- I had a dream last night that you were my college professor and you pulled me aside after class and told me that I was not wearing enough sunscreen.

LC Coffeeholic says:

What are the ingredients in the sunscreen? I’m trying to look at his website and he doesn’t show it. Thanks!

teodor kirilov says:

great video 😀

Sue Cone says:

Great info! Thanks

Ekaterina Kozlovskaia says:

Hello. Thanks for the review. Glad that you approve the sunsceen. It is now available also in Belgium which I am very happy about. So cheap (5eur for 200ml) comparing to other sunscreens (smaller bottles of La Roche-posay or Vichy or Nivea go for 15-17 eur)! Great sunscreen. Can sting if apply too close to the eyes but I mostly use it on the body anyway. My daughter of 9 uses it and has never any problems.

M says:

If you were choosing between the altruist SPF 30 and Elta md SPF 30 sunscreens, which would you choose?

Fran Campbell says:

Thanks for reviewing this product, I find this brand the best sunscreen I have ever used. I try to spread the word about using this great product.

Kara O'Connell says:

Must get that 1L bottle!!

Anna Davidson says:

Can I clarify something? You’re calling it a body sunscreen, but you’re commenting on how it may or may not affect rosacea sufferers (that’s me) and in the video you’re swatchjng it on your face… so i get the impression it’s not just a body sunscreen but it also for the face?

K Brown says:

I buy my sunscreen online, how much will heat (shipping hubs and mail trucks during summer) effect the sunscreens efficacy?

Mar S says:

Does anyone else detect a classic “sunscreen” smell when using this product?

Jerikah Barnett says:

So sad! I went to purchase the liter bottle and it is currently unavailable at the moment, but I will be purchasing the SPF 50!

Ivan Yang says:

Hey Dr. Drey, have you ever reviewed or used the Banana Boot Mineral Sting-free baby sunscreen. I just bought from drug store and tried, and it’s pretty good compared to neutrogena zinc and other Mineral sunscreens at drug store cuz it left least white cast for me!

RY X says:

is it good for face?

ZY K says:

Great video! Should I do double cleansing after using this sunscreen?

Magnetar83 says:

I think it’s OK, but it makes me look like a greasy mess. And underneath the bar code sticker there was a label saying *not for resale” witch was scribbled over by a black magic marker. Don’t know why that is.

tony gryta says:

wait so is this a mineral or chemical sunscreen??

JackOllie4 says:

What is going on with this brand? Amazon has this (the U.S. link) for $152. What is going on with this?

Lotte says:

Beyond thrilled to have finally found a sunscreen that meets my needs and I can get it at the store in town! (Belgium, Europe) Price was only €5 for 200ml! Thanks for the additional info on where to buy!

jaynie stanley says:

Thats beautiful. I luv that. We need to care about everyone. Were all in this together. We need to help everybody who needs us. The ignorance is rediculous. But that is life. We need change, drasticly.

Gina La Perugina NYC says:

Hi Andrea! I ordered 4 tubes of the Altruist SPF 50 today! I plan to use it on both my face and body. It sounds wonderful! Should be arriving by the first week of July! They’re selling
2 X100 G tubes really inexpensively. I ordered two sets and even with shipping it came out
to $24 and change! I’ve been an Amazon Prime member for many years so I don’t know if non-Prime members can get the same low shipping. I chose Standard shipping. Hope this helps someone who’s interested!

Yona Hawkins says:

HELP-OMG IS THIS RIGHT??? Just clicked on Amazon US link and is $153.00 for the 2 SPF 30 creams!!

Weezy Breezy says:

Dr. Dray, I am from SC & was a lifeguard throughout my HS/College years. This included a couple of seasons at Hilton Head Island! I used to worship the sun. This is one of the biggest regrets in my life. I did not properly protect myself. I really wish someone had influenced me & given me the advice on your channel. I have had Melanoma three times which was not fun. 🙁 I still like the sun but do not lay out for a tan & definitely heed your advice. I use sunscreen everyday. I’ve had some eye problems as well, due to the sun. I love your channel & share w/all of my family & friends. I’ve learned a lot more from you than my Doctors! I thank you much.

Bianca Laurendine says:

Dr. Dray,

Thank you for all of your advice! Do you prefer Alturist ot Elta MD? 🙂


Arthi Basavaraj says:

I had stinging around my eyes with Altruist SPF 50. Has anyone else experienced this? Maybe I put too much sunscreen around my eyes?

ed says:

I just bought this and am happily surprised to see Dr. Dray’s take on it (:

Arthi Basavaraj says:

Can I layer Altruist with a physical sunscreen like Blue Lizard?

anggrida saragih says:

Thanks for sharing this, I just purchased them through your link from amazon UK. I hope ill get them soon 🙂 can’t wait!

Kartika Pratiwi says:

Is Altruist a physical or chemical sunscreen? Are they safe to be used on face too?

Chris Cruz says:

Could I layer this sunscreen with my Eucerin Daily Protection SPF 30 sunscreen? I know they both have titanium oxide but wouldn’t that degrade the avobenzone in the Altruist?

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