ATTITUDE Vegan, Cruelty Free Sunscreen Review| Dr Dray

Today I review the Vegan and Cruelty Free non-nano Zinc Oxide SPF30 sunscreens by ATTITUDE
💜ATTITUDE Sensitive Skin SPF30
💜ATTITUDE hand soap I also love:

HOW MUCH SUNSCREEN I APPLY: One crown-shaped soda/beer bottle cap lid holds 3.3 grams (3,300mg) sunscreen. Sunscreen must be applied at 2mg/cm2 surface area to reach the SPF on the label. The face and neck are less than 9% body surface area (about 685cm2). Therefore, for the face and neck, you need 1.37g (1,370mg) sunscreen, which is about half a bottle cap full.

💜Article reference for how much to apply

💜Good mineral sunscreens
Colorescience Body Shield (CF, vegan)
NO-AD Naturals Clear (CF, I think vegan?)
Blue lizard (CF, vegan)
MyChelle Sun Shield Liquid(CF, vegan)

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Mengmeng Di says:

I have rosacea and have been using aveeno baby. I was thinking of switching to ombrelle since the white cast of aveeno baby is giving me a Geisha look. Which do you prefer between ombrelle or attitude ?

Arq. Thereza Santiago says:

Great !!!

Brittany Madero says:

Dr. Dray, can you please do a review on Brandless products?

icry yo says:

What do you think of the TotLogic sunscreen?

Charlize Montorio says:

What face moisturizer would you recommend for really dry skin?

Game Tech says:

Hey Dr. Dray. I am 15 years old and i keep getting acne on my forehead. I don’t get acne anywhere else only on my forehead. What do you recommend something i can find at Walmart thanks love the videos

providence51 says:

Why do sunscreens pill? My elta md tinted will begin to “roll” off at the end of the day, is this because of an ingredient or too much sunscreen that just sits on the face? Thanks

Nana Azili says:

Thank you for sharing. This sunscreen is not for me. I love the Korean and Japanese sunscreens you recommended in the past. I really appreciate you so much. Thanks to you, my skin is much clear and youthful looking.

Julia Nikrad says:

Can you please review the Badger sunscreen? I would love that.

Mengmeng Di says:

Ok so I tried this sunscreen since dr dray said She liked better than the altruist one. Here is my verdict from a cosmetic point of view:
1. Nice looking as it did not give me a white cast at all! I fell in love with it right away 🙂
2. Fell out of love after five seconds, because as she mentions, it is really sticky, and therefore hard to apply.
3. Hate it now 🙁 I am from Quebec, Canada, and over here we greet friends and family with kisses on each cheek. I had a family reunion today, and every person that kissed me was wiping their mouths and cheeks off after 🙁 it was sooo embarrassing. All sunscreens are sticky, but this one is the worse one I have ever tried. It does eventually get less sticky after 3-4 hours, but since we have to reapply sunscreen every two hours I don’t see the point. So I think I will only use this sunscreen on days I am not meeting anyone i know lol.

peacefulbasha k says:

How do you put so much sunscreeen around your eyes and not have it burn? I have trouble with that and hate putting it around my eyes.

MichetteB says:

I am new to your videos and wanted to say I enjoy them very much. I appreciate how much work and information you put into them. Thank you. I’m going to search your videos to see if you have any reviews on Equate brand products, or Burt’s bees. 🙂

Rozilayati Mat Deris says:

Hi Dr Dray, i wish you could explain more that our skin did not need toner for exfoliation. Thank you, have a nice day.

Brad Newhook says:

Sunscreens that are beard friendly are hard to find lol

Kay F says:

Quick question Dr, are we supposed to apply that much sunscreen?

Jenn Giordano says:

As mentioned in the video, I would love to hear your thoughts on the Badger mineral sunscreen.

Neri Torres says:

Hello Dr Dray, like to know your opinion about collegen 🙂

Gina La Perugina NYC says:

Dr Dray one final question…is it really bad for my skin if I fell asleep without removing my Altruist sunscreen? I was sick for 2 days and couldn’t even shower…I know – gross!

Sharon Leiphart says:

Please review the badger brand! Have you tried SPF rx? They have a bulk size that is tempting since I prefer physical sunscreens because of my sensitive skin. I’m looking for a good bulk mineral sunscreen if you have any suggestions. The 3oz containers for my body is getting expensiveeee

TheDoctorDonna28 says:

Can you show us what Blue Lizard looks like going on the face?

Eli Parker says:

Hello from DR!!!

GirlyMuscleTV says:

Great video, but this does not look sheer at all. Not even a little bit. It dried streaky and very chalky.

Atiqa xx says:

What happens if i use adapalene but no sunscreen ?

ethancanin says:

I am currently doing a 5FU treatment of part of my face. Should I still be using sunscreen when I’m swimming?

Black Eagle says:

Hey Dr Dray,is Nivea Sun protect and moisture 30 a good sunscreen. I need an affordable sunscreen to use when at home.thanks

ovoll says:

Preference ?? Elta MD or Colorscience ??

Mon C. says:

Dr dray is there a dupe for the makeup:rem sunscreen gel. It has everything I want but has fragrance.

jacob kablan says:

hi doctor thanks for all oyur wonderful videos can you please review or take a look at babo fragrance free sunscreen spf 30 with 18,4 zinc oxide only active they claim it goeson clear its on iherb thoughts reviews please I also se eit at whole foods here in boston

Luís Vaz says:

does azelaic acid increase collagen production?

Alyssa Simmons says:

I would love for you to review the Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask!

Andrada Cristina says:

Hello Dr. Dray! I was wondering what do you think about Dermalogica’s products?

Miaou says:

Just checked videos serie on sunscreen products from the youtube channel physic girl, veritasium, how to make everything video

Angie Benner says:

I’m trying to find a sunscreen for around my eyes. I have sjogrens si my eyes are extremely dry and sensitive. Vanicream and elta md irritate and put a film on my eye. I considered the colorscience 3 in 1 but was put off by the price and not knowing if it would work. I ordered the skinceuticals physical eye uv defense spf 50 0.3 0z. For about $30. It came today and I was disappointed by the tiny bottle. I will try it tomorrow. It says it will not migrate. Have you tried this one?

kelsey lee says:

Unrelated, but I was wondering what your thoughts were on jade rolling? Btw, your videos are great and have heavily aided in the clearing up of my skin!

Ole-E. Nesse says:

Happy Monday, Andrea!
I utterly love your channel and your reviews. I’ve learned so incredible much from you! You’d make a good teacher:)

I do luve Altruist suncream, but it leaves me looking like I’m about to reach critical mass and go BOOM! Soooooo shiny! I have to use Dermalogica SPF50 on top to take down the shine a bit.

Any chance you have suggestions about suncreams with a matt finish? Hopefully vegan.

Hanami 16001 says:

Hey dr dray! Would you mind to review dr sam bunting’s skincare line? The flawless cleanser?
It looks quite good but i find it quite pricey tho, if you ever tried it you might could give us some cheaper alternative!

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