Australian Gold Botanical SPF 50 Tinted Face Lotion Sunscreen Review | Day 170

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I will be continuing the series for the REST OF 2018!! I absolutely love doing this series and uploading every day, so I want to make the commitment to you and to myself of continuing to try a new makeup product every day for the rest of the year! You can count on me always uploading a new video EVERY DAY at 10:00 am EST!!

About this Trying a New Makeup Product Every Day Series:
I’m trying a new (to me) makeup product every day! I have so many samples that I have accumulated from Ulta gift bags and such, so I figured this would be a great way to get myself to actually use those products! This will also help me figure out what I actually want to buy…and hopefully help YOU decide that as well! I will also be trying products that I have recently purchased and am excited to test out! I loveee trying out new things, and it’s fun to get out of the same old makeup routine! If you have makeup sitting around that you haven’t used, I challenge you to try this! And let me know how it goes!!

Thank you so much for watching, and let me know what else you want to see me try!

In this video, I am trying out the Australian Gold Botanical SPF 50 Tinted Face Lotion which is available here:

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Boss Babe says:

The packaging looks really cool) new subbie, hope we can support each other

Sushmitha says:

I wish this came in different shades so it can have more tint to it

kaderi pendi says:

“tiny dollop” was the correct first impression, this small amount is not going to protect your skin for more than a couple of minutes. This sunscreen makes it rather easy to apply 1-2g (depending on the size of your face), but it will take a minute or two to absorb and I can always feel that one on my face, but at least it’s really mattifying.
Uh and please remember to cover your entire face, I think you forgot your temples – I’ve made that mistake and now I have quite some pigmentation in that area 🙁

Moonbeam Lucas says:

The high quantity of aluminium in this product really worries me. In Europe there’s quite a lot of fear about aluminium. After I looked up ALL the ingredients I chose not to buy it.

Jessie Lynn Summerville Cain MUA says:

Oh I have been looking for some spf lotion. I so wanna try this!!! Thank you for sharing!!

Peter Kloosterman says:

1:48 You should use much more sunscreen for your face. The recommended amount is around 1/4 tsp. The amount you have there is maybe just enough for your forehead.

Fibee楊 says:

Hi,I really in love with this sunscreen but also worry about if this one really protect our skin from the UVA since that ZnO and TiO2 is only 4%, let me know what you girls think thx 😉

Sara Marie Marks says:

Great review, Kristi! I struggle with finding sunscreen lotions that don’t make my face totally greasy.

heba elnaggar says:

This was really helpful, thank you

Renu Rawat says:

Does it work on Indian skin also?

Tomoko Arima says:

This product is also one of my favorites. I enjoyed your review. Thank you!

Jessica Clark says:

I really enjoyed your review! I use this sunscreen as well. The tint is more for preventing white caste, not to provide coverage.

Just to let you know, in order to get the amount of SPF that is on the label, you need to apply 2mg/cm^2. The rule of thumb for applying sunscreen on the face is 1/4 tsp, however this was calculated using the facial surface area for men in the 95% percentile (guys with very large faces). It can be difficult/time-consuming to find out how much your face in particular needs so if you decide to not test it out, I suggest you use at least 1/8 tsp.

For a video of someone calculating the sunscreen needed for their face, you can watch this video: The time stamp is where she lists her findings but if you’d like, you can certainly watch the full video.

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