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Glowing and healthy skin is everyone’s desire. But it’s not easy to get & maintain skin glow throughout the years in the countries like India where seasons change frequently. Skin get dry in winters while get tanned in summers.

Are you one of those people who retires their sunblock during the monsoon? That’s a complete no no, if you want to avoid visible signs of aging.

Kadambari Lakhani, our beauty expert, picks one of the best sunblocks for the Indian weather and gives you some great tips on how to use this product to keep your skin at it’s best all year round.

The Neutrogena Ultra Touch Sheer Dry-Touch is a very popular sunblock in India. Find out if it’s actually the adequate one for your skin and learn how to use it to maximize it’s benefits.

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Rajvir Sangha says:

Thanks for your good advice

Fauziah Sandra Pertiwi says:

is it okay im using it and my moisturizer? i have oily skin

Shirin Akther says:

can I use it in winter season. my skin type is oily!!!

Saman Hasan says:

Hi pallavi, I follow your tips and tricks like religiously, can u suggest any whitening cream for men. I had my eye on lo’real white perfect, can it be used by men, suggestion please.

Ira Lexi says:

can i use it on my face? or its just for body?

James Jones says:

how come every review of this type of sunscreen is from indiand? makes it seem like it’s designed towards them like one video was titled best sunscreen for Indians I’m white I hope this works for me

kinza khurram says:

Crap. This sunblock leaves your skin super oily and greasy. It actually destroys your skin and make up. It literally made my skin darker.

Michael Garcia says:

Good to know

Wnm Gurung says:

Is it ok to use after laser treatment

Priyanka Goyal says:

is it paraben free??

Muskan Verma says:

hy can u tell me when I should use face toner after cleansing my face or after applying sunscreen.

Gheeyowo Kim says:

can this be used for the body??

pronita barua says:

I really like this cream though i don’t need to apply any cream before applying it as i have an oily skin…. My question is can i apply this cream and top it up with translucent powder as the neutrogena cream leaves a bit shine on my face, moreover after half an hour i feel like i sweat more and the dirt sticks to my face….. Why i still use it, is because i like the fact that its spf 50 and does not make my face look very dry and patchy, but i also hate the fact that it gets oily to fast and i need to apply a powder or use tissue to remove the excess oil from the face…. Please suggest how to keep it look fresh and not very oily?

Preethi Reddy says:

I had a question ,spf 15-25 is good for face but more than it not good

JoyOnline says:


Wendy Cobaxin says:

I have a question ,can it also be used on men ??

Reed Bitwindalynes says:

ooohh..Nasim Pedrad … u’re here??.. wat abt snl though??

Zdarr says:

Dry touch? Bullshit. It’s oily and heavy on the skin, and it gets sticky and greasy. However, it is an excellent sunscreen. It prevents tanning completely. It’s a great shield, but this is not dry touch!

komal srivastava says:

Hi Kya ap bata sakte ho kitne spf take use karna chahiye main spf 50 use karti hu nutergena ki

Tejas Kumar says:

should i want to use in evening at 6’o clock or 24/7

JoyOnline says:

Not just dark spots and wrinkles, but rosacea also!

Bhawanshi Arya says:

I have facial sweating problem so is this sunscreen perfect for me? coz I have a huge facial sweating problem

Fatema Iqbal says:

i hav dry skin .. can i use it mam ?

JoyOnline says:

Now see, Amazon says it’s a sunblock but on tube it says sunscreen. Not the same thing. Google booth.

tengri ata says:

Hi ,I have sun allergies Would you tell me which one best for me Thanks

Riya Singhal says:

it is good and does block sun but itsnt sweat proof :/

(Jen) says:

What are you looking at? It is weird, you are looking at something off in the distance to your left.

Richa Tyagi says:

its really a good sunscreen. i want to know the cream for acne or a facewash that can help me

Komal Sharma says:

hi I have combination skin. I m using neutrogena combination moisturizer….can I use this sunscreen above that moisturizer ….

Muskan Verma says:

hy and thnx for d advice BT I want one more advice from u can u tell me when i should apply sunscreen and when i should apply moisturizer.

Shalini Thakur says:

this is kool

khushboo anklesaria says:


utkarsh nagdeo says:

can i use microbenz 3.5 before this cream ??

Sumi Sunny says:

can this sunscreen be used around eye area? does it cause any irritation if it used around eyes?

Deepika Gautam says:

it’s Gud for oily skin or not??

Ayesha Khan says:

nyc video:-)

Nicole Fonseca says:

This is NOT dry touch, its greasy from the start

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