Best & Worst! Testing Mineral Sunscreen for Face 2017

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Featured Products:
Australian Gold Botanical Tinted Sunscreen SPF 50: (Ulta), (Amazon)
Hydropeptide Solar Defense Non-Tinted SPF 50:
Hydropeptide Solar Defense SPF 30:
SkinCeuticals Physical Matte SPF 50: (SkinStore)
Cane + Austin Prime & Protect Mattifying Primer SPF 50: (Sephora), (Amazon)
Farmacy Green Screen SPF 30: (Sephora)
IT Cosmetics Anti-Aging Armour SPF 50:
Neutrogena SheerZinc Dry-Touch Face SPF 50:
Mad Hippie Facial SPF 30:

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Today’s Makeup
Australian Gold Botanical Tinted Sunscreen SPF 50: (Ulta), (Amazon)
Becca Backlight Priming Filter: (Ulta), (Sephora), (Amazon)
CHANEL Perfection Lumiere Velvet Smooth Effect Foundation in Beige 30: (Nordstrom), (Macy’s)
Maybelline Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser in 120 Light: (Ulta), (Target), (Amazon)
Beauty Junkees Blush + Highlighter Singles in Peach Petal & POW!:
IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores HD Powder: (Ulta), (Sephora)
Tarte Clean Slate 360 Creaseless 12-Hour Smoothing Eye Primer: (Ulta), (Sephora)
Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette: (Ulta), (Amazon), (Too Faced)
Sephora 12 Hr. Contour Eyeliner Pencil in “Tiramisou” & “Blonde Ambition”:
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Marge Burkell says:

Okay, I am so confused, I just watched a new video where the MUA used the It Cosmetics Anti-Aging Armour AS their foundation… didn’t put so much on and it blended wonderfully while evening out her skin. She did not put anything else on top of it. So I am wondering if you cut back on how much (wow, that was a LOT) you used and use it as a natural day skin finish? Thoughts?


Unfortunately, protection and liking the feeling of a sunscreen are two opposite sides of spectrum. the higher the zinc oxide content, the higher the UV protection. your highest rated products would not protect a person from UV if they are in the sun for any length of time. they just wouldn’t. your comparison is flawed, if the basis has to do with protection from severe sun damage (UV) protection.

Apricot Curls says:

Can you do a update on this? Spring/Summer is almost here and now Australian Gold has a continuous spray version. Your thoughts?

Grainne Scanlon says:

Lol resveratrol is known as the textbook case study for research fraud right next to Andrew Wakefield and autism in molecular biology. Might as well apply fruit stem cells to your face to try and turn back time.

If it’s not research published in a high-impact journal (so much of the research you cite is from international journals of obscurity) and it doesn’t affect a signaling pathway like Vit A and Vit C by actually binding to receptors!!!, you’re wasting your time and money hoping for- best case scenario- a placebo effect.

nuclear pistachio says:

she reminds me of scooby1961 with the way she talks

Nina says:

I have pretty normal Skin (not oily and not really dry), but the Australien Gold Botanical makes my Skin look extrem flat and dead and older, with all my favorite Foundations. I really would recommend this Sunscreen only for People with oily Skin or for People who really want a extrem matt face with no hydrated look.I could’t make it work for me. I will try the Hydropeptid one. Sounds great.

nuclear pistachio says:

i just skipped to the end for best one, but the effort you put into this was great. how long should i let my moisturiser and vitamin c serum soak in for before i apply the sunscreen?

Sarry Mourad says:

I’m not sure why the mad hippie was so awful on your skin! I recently purchased this and find it leaves no white cast and not very oily. I do not use at much as you in your video. I apply it on top of moisturizer (my final step) amd find it pills on the sides of my face but not too extensively so it doesn’t bother me that much.

Tracy Brylinski says:

Hey Angie, I love your videos! I have ended up trying many of your recommendation and love them all! I’m using the Australian Gold 50 SPF and it’s amazing…LOVE IT! Do you have a recommendation for a body sun screen? I’m going on vacation in April.

Christine says:

I’m sure you may have answered this before but have you thought about testing moisturizer with sunscreen in them already? Or do they not make them with mineral sunscreen in them? Just wondering if you have, one you can recommend under powder foundation? One less step with all the serum etc. in the morning?

Kassandra Raudman says:

Do you used moisturizer as well as Australian Gold or just the Australian Gold???

Ani Nur Mariam says:

Should apply that much for the face ???

Naomi Cox says:

Great video! Could you do a video about spray sunscreens?

Elaine Campbell says:

Thanks to you I found and love the Australian Gold. Thank you!

Sharon Phillips says:

Have you ever tried Dr Denese daily defense sunscreen? Just wondering your view of it

DreamingKoreanBallad says:

Just ordered the Australian Gold – I hope it works for me, since I’ve been using BB cream in replace of my lack of sunscreen, it should do fine and since I used the Light BB cream I think it will be about the same color 😉 I ordered it from Ebay though b/c Amazon was forcing my to pay $5 in shipping just b/c I didn’t have Prime – I’d rather pay free shipping and pay for the product closer to it’s actual price 😛

Honest Review says:

Plz tell me from all the sunblock you try which one is the most drying ?

JJ Jones says:

I love your reviews!!! Every time a question popped into my head you answered it. Also thanks for including both oily and dry. I’m oily and it is so hard to find good stuff that is all mineral and water resistant. My nieces has Celiac Disease and tries to stay totally away from gluten. My sister and dad are both dry skinned and have had skin cancers removed on their faces. As you can imagine we’ve tried a lot of different things in all those scenarios. So basically we need all the help we can get! I think you covered it all! Thank you, thank you!

Rafaela da Silva says:

I’m only 28 and absolutely love your videos!!

janet willits says:

Sorry Angie. I didnt realize this is from 2017 and you already reviewed Green Screen.. Thank you

Trisha Meloling says:

What about affordable natural sunscreen

Itzpayday 123 says:

The what do you think about Stream2Sea sunscreen?

Bonnie Betts says:

yay! I am so happy you found a mineral sunscreen with very nice ingredients for an awesome price point. Buy right now!

Anushree Sethiya says:

Can I apply lotus sunscreen lotion on my lips directly

J DV says:

I wish I had seen this, I purchased the IT Cosmetics product like 3 weeks ago and while I don’t hate it I don’t love it either. I would’ve definitely tried something else if I had seen this!

e1yzita says:

Bahaha! Diaper rash cream

Back To The Origins says:

These might feel good and all BUT ugh the ingredients.. come on, disodium EDTA , PEG’s ??

PinkCrushPegasus says:

Lol nutrigena having the consistency of diaper rash cream. I got that one and it burns burns burns. It’s a shame that it’s kinda pricey.

Tanya Zamonsky says:

Thanks for all the work you do in putting together your videos!!! Awesome job!
Thanks for taking the work out of it for us!

DIANE Cox says:

Hi Angie, I’ve wanted to post my suggestion to you numerous times so here goes ~ When you are mentioning using  left over products from face adding use it on your neck, chest and backs of hands I think it would be well worth mentioning EAR LOBES.  Peoples ear lobes are a dead give-a-way as to their age and seems ear lobes are the first to lose plumpness and elasticity.  I love each and every one of your videos and always looking for the next new video to view.  Thank you so much for all your hard work on keeping us ladies the best that we can be.

Lacey B. says:

Subscribed! This is JUST the sunscreen review vid I’ve been searching for. I love how quickly you move through the products and the concise details provided. Thank you!

DreamingKoreanBallad says:

OMGsh, you said EXACTLY what I said about the Neutrogena brand one, I just bought it the other day at the store b/c I always forget about Sunscreen until it’s too late, so while waiting on a few recommended brands from other YT’s I needed one a.s.a.p and I already knew I hated Coppertone (which is a product I used all the time as a kid and always hated it for the feel and smell) but I thought for sure this brand should be better – as soon as I applied it I also thought it was just like diaper rash cream – it was SO gross! Now while waiting I’m just wearing my BB cream and hoping to find something suitable soon!

GoogleGrl007 says:

Hey check out Lab Muffin beauty science channel. She has a PHD in chemistry and has a few GREAT videos on sunscreen and the science behind the,

Madelein Chua says:

how is the flashback when taking flash photography with using the Australian Gold sunscreen? (spf or make up with spf typically gives a white cast). and how is the smell — does it smell like normal sunscreen or is the smell stronger or weaker? thanks!

Melissa Oliva says:

OMG! This is the kind of videos that I was looking for. I hate when Youtubers don’t try on the products they are talking about. Your are great great please keep it up!

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