Étude House Sunprise Mild Airy Finish SPF 50+ PA+++ Sunscreen Review | #SUNSCREENSUNDAY

Hello Field Bunnies and thanks for checking out my thoughts on Étude House Sunprise Mild Airy Finish! So I really really like pretty much everything about this sunscreen EXCEPT I wish it had another PA plus. #4+4LYFE!

Hope you enjoy!

Have a BEAUTIFUL day!


Baddest Donut says:

You have mentioned that its best to not use sunscreens with that high of an alcohol content on a daily basis . So does that apply to the biore UV gel/ essence as well ?

Ailed Silva says:

I’m so happy that I found your channel. I suffered from Melasma for 10 years now.. Sunscreen is my priority!! Can you please review Bare Republic. Can you recommend me the Best of the Best for my problem. Thanks

Mrsfabulous says:

hi love ur videos, i have heard that korean sunscreens can have a maximum of 3pluses compared to japanese version of 4.. (++++ for uva)

Tom Boyle says:

Why do you cut your videos in and out. It is irritating but I enjoy your reviews so much I will still watch

Maurey Berdoy says:

Can you look at the new Chanel spring/summer collection? Just wondering what you thought of it x

Sheyla O'Keefe says:

Yesss! Been waiting for this.

Zendika Sandiaszkara says:

my holy grail!

Laurie Vermut-Ratnoff says:

I soooo love your channel. I bought several sunscreens based on your recommendations (your reviews are always spot on for me). I am pretty certain that etude house is a korean brand. I only mention this because the korean pa rating system is a little different than the Japanese one. 3 + is the highest rating in Korea and is comperable to the 4+ on the Japanese scale. Therefore it is on par and the same. Either way it’s better than the whiny little bitch fda that doesn’t acknowledge pa ratings at all. They really need to get with the program lol!

Baddest Donut says:

What is your favorite sunscreens you always go back to ?

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