Eucerin Sunscreen Review [Giveaway Closed!]

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Disclaimer: Eucerin products were sent to me by the company’s PR. This video is not sponsored in any way, but I do love sharing stuff I already like so YEAH! 😀


winnlapoo says:

also, try the eucerin Q10 Anti wrinkle with spf for the face 🙂 it’s even better than the everyday lotion =)

redgirl4evz13 says:

whats a good sunblock for your body that doesnt smell like sunblock? HELP 🙂

forevereverrr says:

1. Liked! ^^~
2. subscribed!
3. stay away from the sun as much as possible! and always wear sunscreen! i use neutrogena oil free spf 15!:D

bigandlittlepiggies says:

can you please do a water proof makeup tutorial for sensitive skin?

pianophreek118 says:

-I liked the facebok page!!!!
-And I’m a long-time subscriber!
-My go-to product everyday is the Eucerin Everyday Protection Face Lotion (and I’m not just saying that because of this video). I had persistent acne and this lotion helped me get rid of it by not adding additional oils to. My skin is also very dry and I have severe eczema, especially on my face. This is the ONLY product that does not irritate me. I’ve been using it for years now and I hope they never take it off the market

Celine Wang says:

1. Liked
2. already subscribed 🙂
3. i always clean my phone once in a while to prevent one-sided acne 🙂

ameyshanyan says:

1.) Liked.

2.) Already subscribed.

3.) I drink loads of water per day and I put sunscreen every morning.

Cherry Tan says:

I respect Jen very much for being so honest about these products ^^

ameyshanyan says:

1.) Liked.

2.) Already subscribed.

3.) I moisturize my skin after washing =)
Everyone should do it even if you have oily skin. gel based ones are good for those ^^

ameyshanyan says:

1.) Liked.

2.) Already subscribed.

3.) I love green tea ice cubes on my face =)

skyblues94 says:

ive been on the hunt for the perfect denim shirt! and i love yours! where did you get it??

Juyoung Jin says:


berrybucuo says:

1.) Liked.

2.) Already subscribed.

3.) I use a yogurt mask! it makes my skin very soft and acne free

Nicole L says:

I liked Eucerin! The best facial scrub for me is the St Ives Apricot scrub <3


msJ0J0 says:

1. liked the page
2. Ive been subscribe for a while 🙂
3. I use different products I have a very sensitive and dry skin (depending on the season also. I use EUCERIN daily moisturizer, EUCERIN replenishing face cream 5% Urea during winter. Nightime, I use Clinique rejuvenating cream and eye cream. Whenever my face is very dry, I use VANICREAM. (Most of the choice of skincare, I gave it a try after watching your video, thank you very much 🙂 ) ..and my beauty diary apricot mask once a week±

Frances Diane says:

1. “Liked” EucerinUS Facebook page
2. You should never pop a zit but if you have to, use 2 q-tips to avoids scarring. Learned it from Tyra Banks. Haha

456inthemix says:

Swiss Brand Eucerin

windedflame says:

UVA rays stay the same strength throughout the whole year. . . even on cloudy days. UVB rays are stronger in the summer so it IS important to wear sunscreen everyday. 😀

piggiesmalls4 says:

My best skincare tips are to moisturize and sunscreen everyday, drink water frequently, and exfoliate occasionally! You can’t do anything better for your skin than those things! 😀

subrosa13duke says:

1. liked
2. subscribed
3. neutrogena ultra sheer dry-touch sunblock spf 100+

Ellen Yap says:

Hi Jen, I am interested in the Facial Lotion that you mentioned, but i hardly find it in Singapore. Anyone know where to buy it?

sonatak304 says:

Hi Jen, I’ve been on a round-the-world trip recently and I noticed some hyperpigmentation on my face. Any products you can recommend or a good info source you can point me to? Thanks!

winnlapoo says:

liked and subscribed 🙂 my skincare tip would be dabbing on hydrogen peroxide on acne. It diminishes the next day and lightens scar marks. 😀

Youw16 says:

1. liked
3. take off alllll makeup ! 🙂

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