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Lord Cyril Dalawangbayan-Hernandez says:

OMG. I am so happy you finally reviewed BTS! It didn’t seem like this will go on your “top” recommendations but I really really hoped you’d like it since I adore Liah.

Ann David says:

Have been waiting for a review of this. Appreciate all the money saving tips along with the facts instead of all the hype. Thank you

Melissa C says:

Dr Dray I have read that there are vehicles in the cream tretinoin formula that can clog pores- does this have any truth ?

Omar Suave says:

Hello Dr. Dray. May you please do a product review on Mineral Fusion’s “mineral SPF 30 brush-on Sun defense with antioxidant protection”. It’s easy to use for me and it’s not a cream or lotion. It’s just a powder that I can brush on when I feel I need a light sunscreen in between locations. I purchased it at whole foods and it’s actually the only sunscreen that I’ve ever pretty much use the whole product up because it’s a powder so I find it easier to put on and I don’t feel as icky putting it on over my favorite moisturizers. I was hoping you could do a product review on it before I buy a second powder online

aryeesh says:

Can you recommend UNscented sunscreens please? Not just fragrance-free but literally unscented sunscreens thank you so muchhh

Weezy Breezy says:

Interesting one! Happy Halloween Dr. Dray!!!! 😀

Angelous 777 says:

Talking about sunscreen! Some places like The Palau and Hawaiian islands are banning SPF’S Usage from tourists and residents! The fine starts with 1,000 first offense. It appears how the article claims chemical SPF’S contain substances that potentially could kill, mutate and disrupts flora and fauna of the island’s natural resources. And most of the allowed “Natural SPF’S choices we are given have a lots of natural oils like their number one physical SPF 50 referral for safety has Cinnamon oil!!! I can’t believe, I won’t be able to go to this places because of an SPF banner!!!!

The Leap says:

As always thank you for the review. Apparently Krave is trying to bring this to US consumers but it will be marketed differently.

Cheryl Giles says:

Just opened my Erin Condren box with the mini budget planner!

JudyGIRL says:

what do u think about oil of olay new whipped creams

Tony J says:

happy halloween dr dray

Caitlyn Killen says:

Hey! Im new to your channel, and I was wondering if you had any opinions on Lush Cosmetics? I couldnt find a video, but let me know! I just wanna know if they are as good for your skin as they claim to be. thanks!

BeautyBliss says:

Happy Halloween Dr Dray! I truly enjoyed your Vlogtober. Just a quick note on the Cerave hydrating cleanser. I tried it for the first time tonight and my skin turned beet red but only on my cheeks. It looked and felt like a had a sunburn, felt hot and tingly. I do use Retin-A and the pores on my checks are especially large however this is the first time I ever had a reaction with a cleanser before. The redness lasted about a good 40-45 mins and slowly dissipated. I immediately applied Cerave cream (which I love) but I don’t think I will be applying any Retin-A tonight. I am so disappointed that this cleanser did not work for me. Just wondering which ingredient may have caused this reaction. There is no mention of niacinamide in the ingredients list. I do live in Canada and am also curious if the ingredient list may vary between Canada and the USA. There is a note on the back which states “Patented Multivesicular Emulsion [MVE] technology” I have no idea what this could be? Please comment if you know. Thank you so much!

Melissa C says:

Wanted to ask how retin a micro differs from retin a cream?

Morgan _ says:

So pleased you reviewed this. Very curious about Liah’s products so I appreciate when you get one to try. She’s so lovely and sincere. I know how genuinely she wants her products to help people and I know you’ll always be entirely honest about your feelings on a product

Molly Zhou says:

Are the alcohol-containing products suitable for acne-prone, but not necessarily sensitive skin? I found that a lot of Japanese sunscreens have alcohol in it. I have tried one that is really nice to use because it’s very light and it doesn’t seem to irritate notably. But again, I’m still a bit uncertain if I should repurchase this due to the alcohol ingredient.

Haoran Liu says:

Hi Dr Dray, thanks for all the wonderful videos, been binge watching lately! Wondering is it better to take off SPFs(even mineral ones?) with oil cleanser/double cleansing?What if I have oily and acne prone skin, will it be problematic to use oil cleanser? Secondly are the dry/combination/oily skin scientifically correct terms or just cosmetic industry gimmick? Could I wrongly over treat my skin like exfoliation or peeling-mask, and worsen it from normal to oily or sensitive, if so how do I properly and accurately ‘diagnose’ my skin type?
Many thanks for your answers!

Laurin Carmichael says:

Hello Dr Dray! I love watching your videos! Thank you so much for sharing your unbiased fact based opinions! Can you review AO Mother Dirt probiotic spray for the skin? I ordered some for help with my acne. I am curious about your thoughts on topical probiotics. Thanks for your videos!

Luisa Blasczkiewicz says:

Dr.dray I’ve read that hydroquinone can be dangerous and should not be used for too long. Does the same apply to arbutin? Is it less ‘risky’?

HereDianna says:

Hi Dr Dray I went on vacations to hong kong a few weeks ago and found the mommy suncreen you recommended a few months ago. There it is only the equivalent of 6 eur, it has no alcohol, no perfume no white cast, no ess oil, no flower water (it always break me out)… And VERY IMP it does not hurt my eyes which is a miracle for me. It is perfect and hydrates the skin. Leaves me oily in the summer as I have combination skin but for 6 eur I am good with that so I bought 10 lol. I am good for the next 2 years so thank you for the recommendation!!!!

Living InDisturbia says:

I live in Korea! I’m an expat. I’d say avoid going to places like myeong-dong to buy skin care. A lot of the stores have different sales and a lot of them can be sold out of stuff quickly. Places like gangnam and jamsil are much better.

Rachel Spencer says:

I just got the Krave matcha cleanser…I’ve only used it about 4 or 5 times, but so far I love it!

M says:

hi , could you possibly look into the skincare brand curology? i’m curious to see if it actually works

Zteph Thompson says:

Thank you for your content @Dr dray Which chemical sunscreens would you recommend for rosacea skin? Korean/American brands…

LaTarsha Ann says:

Ma’am, could you please review goop brand products? The product line started by Gwynth Paltrow? Not super goop, but just goop,….Thanks so much hun, also could you email me at I have a very great question that you could benefit from.. thanks so much! Luv ya

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