La Roche Posay Anthelios sunscreen review

I have found my new holy grail sunscreen! You can find it at Target here:


VnMakeup says:

Hey thanks for sharing. I just got this sunscreen, can’t wait to try it. Found your channel looking for a review for this so thanks. 🙂 Come by and say hi.

George Bush says:

there is no extra* protection for spf50 or spf100. its just that it offers protection for longer periods i.e u need to reapply it as often. spf15=30min protection. spf30=60min. spf50=1.45min protection. avoid chemical sunscreen = this shit gets in your bloodstream within 11sec. u wont get cancer from tanning unless u burn yourself into roasr on a daily basis for years. however, chemicals in your sunscreen can promote them instead! avoid-avoid.

Cherelle Patrick says:

I have been wanting to try this sunscreen, but I’ve been hesitant since I have brown skin and HATE when sunscreen makes me look like a ghost

Israa Adam says:

Thank you so much for this review <3
I just have a few questions ...
-How much do you apply
-How often do you reapply

Steven Petrus says:

is it suitable for men? not leave white cast or greasy.?

FuckYeahJboi says:

wait.. pause, your gorgeous.

Rah rah says:

hey! I’ve read that chemical sunscreens prevent sun damage related to aging however not from tanning (or any pigmentation issues). The two physical sunscreens I recommend are 1) the Algenist Ultra Lightweight Defense Fluid spf50; it has a slight white cast that goes away with rubbing, though it definitely mattifies the face and looks like a non-greasy film over the skin. and 2) the Josie Maran Argan Oil spf47; it is an oil which completely dissolves any white tint however it takes some time to absorb and gives me a glowy look all day. I alternate between the two depending on what kind of finish I want. I really wish chemical sunscreens were more effective when it comes to tanning because otherwise I would have so many more options and no white-mask to deal with, but physical sunscreens provide better benefits imo.

If you are still a firm believer of chemical sunscreens, the Biore UV Aqua sunscreen is hands down the BEST. ever. the best. You can get it on amazon 🙂

Tammy D says:

Hello! Are you still using this brand and does it really prevent tanning?

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