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° KLAIRS Soft Airy UV Essence



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Victoria Lee says:

since I live in a tropical country, my forehead and nose looks oily around the afternoon(I have combination skin). do you think this sunscreen will suit me who lives in a hot+humid country ? like will it be too much/heavy/cause the same problem as my current sunscreen that is oiliness on my forehead and nose?

shelly 1991 says:

How can i order it if im in indonesia???

hefeelslikeivan says:

What’s the from I’m From official website ? I can’t find the rice toner anywhere !

Mima Alicea says:

Hi I have problems with sunscreen they make me break out does this one prevent break outs

satani lei says:

klair mid day sunblock and this klair soft any uv essesce which one is better ?

Grace Lum says:

man that makea me a littlw sad cause i have the klairs mid day lue sun lotion like I just got thus sunscreen when it got reformulated and the year before the older formula ahahahaa lile i like wearing it to even out my skin tone on no makeup days

Trâm Nguyễn says:

It seems not suitable for oily skin. I can see some comedogenic ingredients in this new sunscreen. And as I saw , your skin looks a little bit sticky after applying. I can’t imagine how it is after 2 hours when skin starts to create oil. I think this screen only suitable for normal or oily skin in dry weather. People with oily skin who live in hot and humid weather (like Vietnam) may not like

Veronica Chiu says:

Hi, I was actually wondering because I have super sensitive, so I use klairs products. But everything after I use my oil cleanser and a charcoal soap (not from klairs), my skin feels super super dry and tight but I normally have oily skin. What do you suggest for my water based cleanser? Klairs foam cleanser or the charcoal soap from klairs? Thanks.

Amylia Ch says:

Hahahaha like your opening in the video! I’m just curious how it will work in hot and humid weather. Gonna visit Korea the day after tomorrow and I can’t wait any longer to get my hands on on it! So damn excited.

gbe 25 says:

i use sunscreen everyday but somes we go to class or work or date we have to wear makeup after we apply sunscreen on the face we cant re apply the sunscreen during the day its okay that we re apply air cushion foundation every 2 or 3 hours ?

nutrinogirl456 says:

Hi Eunice, you just might not be aware, but do you know that this sunscreen not broad spectrum? It only contains one UVA filter, Uvinal A Plus, a filter that does not block UVA1 (UVA is made up of 75% UVA1 and 25% UVA2 You will see this if you check the list of sunscreen filters.

It would be great if you could update your review or add a comment to mention this because I think many people would buy this off of your recommendation expecting it to be broad spectrum… Which it’s not. Thanks!

lily pooh says:

Hi eunie, may I know is combination skin suitable to use this klairs airy uv essence? Thank you

Yangyang Imsong says:

My skin gets dark when exposed to sunlight even after using klairs mid day blue sun you think this will work for me??in need of your recommendation unni

supriya iyengar says:

Love ur attitude girl

めろりん says:

I’m sad that the Midnight Blue Sun Lotion is discontinued!! I ordered the Airy UV Essence a few days ago, but I’m wondering if it can be used as a makeup base like the Midnight Blue Sun Lotion?

Baby Taurus says:

Can you do all klair product routine

Diane K79101 says:

So happy i started watching after you randomly appeared on my feed! Love your content, especially sunscreens..cant wait for the next review!

Hollow_Lily ʕ•ع•ʔ says:

I was wondering if it provides full protection.

Archita Deshpande says:

Can teens use this?

Evelyn Gunawan says:

Is this suitable for sensitive skin?

Claudia Castillo says:

Best. Intro. Ever.

freedom life says:

I hope there are more option for lower SPF like 25 or 30.
I am stay home mom and I don’t go out much.I rarely put make up on.I don’t like to put so much make up I don’t want to put SPF50 for everyday use just for the house.
cause strong SPF is not good for skin too isn’t it?

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