Stay Younger, Longer – The Lowdown on Sunscreen

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This film is full of information about the latest rules, regulations and the ingredients to know when it comes to sunscreen. I’ve spoken to many dermatologists and scientists in the UK and USA and have included products recommended by them, as well as some personal favourites that I use on myself and my celebrity clients.

Keeping your skin protected in the sun is one of the easiest ways you can keep it looking younger for longer, and with so many great textures and formulas available now for every skin type, there really is no excuse not to wear SPF everyday 😉 I hope the film is helpful for everyone who asked for it.x

On my lips is Lancôme’s Shine Lover in 218 : and Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Iconic Nude:

Update – July 2016
I recently went back to the experts I spoke to in this film to see if there had been any changes in terms of the disparity between America and the rest of the world when it comes to sunscreen. Jeff Murad, Vice President Product Development at Murad Skincare, told me that, ‘While the FDA has been talking a lot lately about fast-tracking the approval of some sunscreen actives, we have not seen any activity yet.’
Nathan Rivas, Senior Researcher at Paula’s Choice also said that, unfortunately, ‘because the Sunscreen Innovation Act didn’t allow for changes to the FDA testing requirements (nor provide funding for additional resources in managing this process), the result is that no new sunscreen ingredients are expected to meet FDA approval anytime in the next few years. L’Oréal came the closest with Mexoryl SX at the end of last summer, but still failed to meet the FDA’s requirements.’ However, he did point out that many skincare companies are focusing their efforts on improving and innovating the ways in which they are able to use the FDA’s current, approved sunscreen actives – with ‘improved aesthetics and reduced skin sensitivity’ among the intended results of these advancements… watch this space. X

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Avène – Hydrance Optimale UV Light SPF20:
Avène – Hydrance Optimale UV Rich SPF 20:
Nivea – Anti-Age Face Sun Cream SPF 30 :
Heliocare – Advanced XF Gel SPF 50:
Heliocare – Colour Gelcream SPF 50:
KOSÉ – Sekkisei – Sun Protect Essence Gel SPF 50+ PA++++:
La Roche Posay – Anthelios XL Dry Touch Gel-Cream SPF50 :
La Roche Posay – Anthelios XL Comfort Cream SPF50:
La Roche Posay – Anthelios AC Matte Fluid SPF30:
La Roche Posay – Anthelios SX :
Paula’s Choice – Skin balancing ultra-sheer daily defense spf 30:
Avène – Ultra-Light Hydrating Sunscreen Lotion SPF50+ (Face):
Esthederm – No Sun:
SkinCeuticals – Sheer Mineral UV Defense SPF 50:
Peter Thomas Roth – Instant Mineral Powder:
Bare Minerals – Natural Sunscreen SPF 30:
Bare Minerals – READY SPF15 Touch Up Veil:

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I can’t guarantee that all of the make-up and skincare products I recommend will suit you. I only use products I personally think are good having tried them on myself and my clients but everyone’s skin is different and it’s possible to be allergic to anything. Wherever possible, test products out on yourself before purchasing.

I only feature products I like, or want to try. The products I use in these videos are either purchased by me or sent to me by make-up companies to use in my professional capacity as a make-up artist for fashion and celebrity photo shoots, red carpet etc. I am also sent products by many of the top magazines to judge for awards.

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Emily hancock says:

Thank you so much for this video, Lisa! I’ve been experiencing mild dermatitis for the past few months and was at a complete loss as to what was causing it (no changes in diet, cleansing etc) but thanks to the information you’ve shared with us I’m now completely convinced it’s because I’ve been using an SPF 50 chemical sunscreen on my face every day

Majenta Isabella Brown says:

Thank you so much for breaking that all down! this video has been so helpful! 🙂

Taz Zaki says:

gosh longgggg n boring

Milad says:

Hi Lisa, can you plz tell me on skincare routin at which stage we can use the sunscreen?also is there any powder sunscreen brand in Australia that i could use, I day per week i have work outside all day and need a good protection. tnx in advance

Elissa Turpin says:

hey Lisa, could you make a video on your opinion of animal testing in the cosmetics industry? xoxo

gay nation says:

How can I really sunscreen without messing up my foundation? It’s a real issue sometimes (although I don’t wear foundation everyday)

Rimsha Khalid says:

What about if I have acne will the sunscreen be good for it which one do I buy I have dry skin

SparklingSia says:

Great video! Thank you for the info.

Candice Rittener says:

Hi Lisa ! Could you please do an updated version of this video ? Why not including japanese brands ? And showing us some spf mists that you like for touch-ups ? Thank you so much !

NightNoon says:

how do you reapply sunscreen over makeup!?! I’ve never understood

Donna Cianciosi says:

As someone who lives in Australia anything less than SPF 50 doesn’t cut the mustard. I only wear Australian brands and don’t scrimp on quality. Sun is so damaging and unfortunately most of the damage is done in childhood. Wear sunscreen, sunglasses and a wide brim hat whenever you’re in the sun. Also remember that UV is just as damaging in overcast and cloudy weather as well.

Ahmed Mohd says:

The things I don’t like about some of them is that they leave you looking white

Sharon Galloway says:

I know this is an older post but I have been looking at the Avene spf 20 which is the first one in this video. Is this broad spectrum??

Turquoise B says:

U have yellow bottom teeth :s

are says:

Encouraging corporations to bribe the FDA, which is what “paying the FDA do get it through” means, is irresponsible and unethical and I am shocked that you would do so. If the FDA makes it harder for corporations to put products on the market until rpthey are proved safe and effective, well, so be it and we are healthier and better off for it. Nice that it works in favor of the corporations in the EU but no thanks. We have enough health care and environmental risk issues to deal with in America right now.

Rimsha Khalid says:

Thank you this vid was sooooo helpful since summer is coming in the U.K.

Zoë Douglas says:

Do/can you wear mosturizer on top of sunscreen or no?

Skating Canuck says:

Thank you for posting this informative video Lisa. I have more concerns about suncare because the trend in skincare is so focused on the use of acids (like glycolic, vitamin C, etc..) which in turn make us more sun sensitive. I live in Canada and your video makes me wonder if I should be buying American brand suncare products. Do these companies adjust their formulas according to non-American regulations?

chanzep says:

Thanks for showing the USA ones too, great info.

Shayri Garg says:

I really really need someone to consider the rest of the world beyond USA and Europe. How can you forget Asia, the biggest continent of the world? Half the tropical regions are in Asia and Africa! The ingredients aren’t listed, what help is this video to me? Every time I watch this sunscreen video, it just irritates and disappoints me more.

liebestella19 says:

absolutely swear by the kose sunscreen Lisa has mentioned here. usually i find sunscreens to be very oil and heavy, and i don’t even have particularly oily skin. however the kose really lightweight and feels like a lotion.

Lowriaa says:

“Saggy mattress” is such an excellent analogy. Would love an update and/or how to guide to wear spf under makeup and with other skincare, because I find the LRP Anthelios pills with something I use, but I can’t figure out why!

Louisa Eckhardt says:

I’m confused, so instead of a daily moisturiser we should use an SPF moisturiser instead ? Also for body, is it better to ditch the luxurious body butters and go for the SPF creams instead ?

Iris Venise says:

I am so glad that I came across this video while I’m still 19 years old. I am definitely including this into my skin care routine!

Guava Memories says:

GMOs are approved in the USA, but not sunscreen ingredients…

laurababyseal kuutti says:

I’m extremely pale and burn easily, but tbh I never stay in the sun..even though I’d love to get a tan for once I just prefer the shade too much and therefore I stay pale. The only good thing: I look younger than most my age and I have no lines or sundamage(still, I’d love to get a tan at least once bc I really do look sickeningly pale).

Jill Sollars says:

Hi Lisa, are the ingredients you mentioned available now in the US since this video is a few years old?

MT Ke says:

please recommend some neck care products.

2Black Pigs says:

Sorry if I’ve missed this, but could you advise on which are cruelty free? You haven’t mentioned RAD by Environ, which is great under makeup too?

Skating Canuck says:

Are there setting sprays (or refreshing sprays) that contain sunblock?

Skating Canuck says:

COVERF/X has a new (clear?)sunscreen that is not sold in Canada (yet is available on the American website I know Canada has strict regulations about sunblock (that can affect makeup brands wishing to sell here). I am kind of confused about this product because COVERF/X is a Canadian brand (recently bought out by Sephora), so why is this product not sold in Canada or on the COVERF/X website? Infact COVERF/X here doesn’t sell any sunblock products.

Koirym says:

My absolute favorite every day product is Paula’s Choice Resist Super-Light Daily Wrincle Defence tintet moisturizer. it is also good because it only has zinc oxide so it’s good for those with extra sensitive skin. has lots and lots of anti-aging ingridients, antioxidants. it is designed for normal oily combo skin but i know ppl with dry skin who love it.

ExistentialAesthetics says:

Thank you for this educating video!

Lydia Carels says:

Thx Lisa! Very informative! I have skincancer (in remission), so I’m very carefull. I often wear a hat. Very handy: Coola has a make up setting spray with SPF30. When I go out – after a while in the office – I put an amount of suncream and press it in the face (over my make up). Works! I know SPF30 does the trick and SPF50 makes just a tiny difference in protection, but my skin reacts to 50. I also love Lancaster, because of it’s broad spectrum of products.

Laila Jaksen says:

When I was pregnant I had freckles now I have pores to and can u tell me day and night routine plz

c orref says:

So intelligently conveyed! One question, I am assuming that all your recommendations are “broad spectrum” meaning good uvA protection as well. Why isn’t the degree of uvA protection degree specified on the labels in America. UVAs are the scariest because ubiquitous and !deeeep! reaching, they damage even furnishings indoors and pass through glass unfiltered, unlike uvBs which peak around midday and are filtered through glass that’s why one doesn’t get sunburned while driving. SPF history shows that sometimes when a label stated a high SPF, the product would prevent sunburn by giving a false assumption of integral protection and allowing more damage by staying in the sun longer, causing more UVA damage. A common paradox!
I would like to hear more about textiles, innovative hats, parsols, umbrellas, window and car widow filters that specifically target UVAs. It’s easy to protect oneself from UVBs. UVA protection IS the grey zone. Thank you, lovely as always!

m.hesterman says:

Thank you for this video, i found it very useful. I recently bought Lancaster sunscreens and aftersun. I bought the sunscreen in spf 15 and 30 because lancaster claims they are the only sunscreen that protects your skin against the whole spectrum. Could you do a review on their sunscreens? Second question is about the aftersun. Claim on the aftersun is that you can maintain your tan for up to one month longer. How can this be explained, so how do the ingredients interact with the skin to make a tan last longer?

Jess VEVO says:

I want to get rid of Nivea, it gives me a white cast and every time I rub it, it starts pealing and it makes my skin greasy and I’m normally quite dry… I need something else

Emma Whatever says:

What do you think of Eucerin one? Iv just bought it yesterday because pharmacy didnt get La Roche one yet. They did have Avene one, so watching this video I think it will be the next one I buy. But Eucerin one seems like on the range with La Roche and Avene ones.

Meatduck says:

you look like keira nightly

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