Summer Skincare Faves: Japanese/Asian Sunscreen!

Japanese, Korean & European sunscreens merge skincare with superior sunblock. Breaking down the ways in which these sunscreens are superior would’ve ended up in an hour long video and I did not want to bore those who just want to see my favourite products. So here is some info:

In the U.S. the FDA has some of the strictest standards for UV filters/blockers. Far fewer proven ones are allowed compared to Asia and Europe, so reasonably, Europe and Asia have potentially more effective sunscreen. One of the most effective proven UVA filters, Mexoryl, is only allowed in the US by the FDA for La Roche-Posay’s Anthelios products. Unfortunately. while large European cosmetics companies have great sunblock products, most of them cannot be sold in the U.S.

While Meroxyl is one of the most effective UVA inhibitors commonly used in European sunscreens, in the Japanese sunscreens, Diethylamino Hydroxybenzoyl Hexyl Benzoate (Uvinal A Plus) gives the substantial UVA protective punch or PA++++ protection.

Japanese sunscreens are also amazing because it has been a big focus of their cosmetics industry through the ages due to cultural standards of beauty being, the lighter the skin, the better. This is a part of everyday skincare and not separate. They have mastered how to create a product that will keep skin light, bright, non-greasy and withstand the oppressive humidity and heat of Summer in Asia.

My picks will make application and reapplication a breeze whatever skin type you have!

Products Mentioned:

Hada Labo UV Creamy Gel – SPF 50 PA++++

Hada Labo UV Moist Emulsion – SPF 50 PA+++

Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence – SPF 50 PA++++

DHC Suncut Q10 Light Touch – SPF 50 PA+++

Shiseido WetForce Ultimate Sun Protection Cream – Broad spectrum SPF 50

Amore Pacific Resort Collection Sun Protection Cushion – Broad spectrum SPF 30

L’Oreal UV Perfect Aqua Essence City Face Mist UV Protector – SPF 50 PA++++

Colorescience Sunforgettable Water Resistant Powder Sunscreen – Broad Spectrum SPF 30

Peter Thomas Roth Instant Mineral – Broad Spectrum SPF 45

La Roche-Posay Anthelios AOX Daily Anti-oxidant Serum with Sunscreen – Broad spectrum SPF 50

Many of these products can be found on

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All products shown were purchased by moi. My reviews are based on my own experience with the products which may not be suitable for everyone.


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Arlene Davis says:

Wish I got to that warning of holding my breath sooner lol, just sprayed the la roche posey spf and can taste it. ew lol

Heather Browning says:

Please update. Looking for light, gel like sunscreen that wears well under makeup after several other layers (7)+ underneath. Thanks!!!


Hi Renne,
LOVE YOUR CHANNEL! HATE U.S Sunscreen! 😉 Glad to know that La Roche-Posay Anthelios contains Mexory since it happens to be one of my fave sunscreens to use! Question: You mentioned Anthelios should be applied first. What about Vitamin C, Good Genes, or Acid toners and Essences? Won’t the sunscreen affect the absorption rate of the aforementioned products? Should I still apply apply Anthelios as my first step and wait for it to be absorbed, then apply the rest of my routine by molecular weight? Thanks for clarifying!

BunnySmooches says:

Please do an updated version ^_^

Rimu N says:

I love the biore sunscreen, but I confess a part of me is such a skeptic on whether it provides actual sun protection because I can’t read the ingredients and I don’t know how well regulated the sunscreen market is in Japan to even say that it’s effective, but it sure is light weight and caters to my psychological needs in some ways. I’ think I will switch to La Roche Posay or Shiseido because if they managed to pass U.S outdated standards, they must be effective.

Lynnie P says:

How often do you put on sunscreen throughout the day and would you recommend the sunscreen to be reapplied on top of makeup throughout the day?

Annie Lam says:

Thanks for the review, how do you compare between Biore Aqua Rich vs Shiseido wetforce? I am using biore one and wonder I should try shiseido. Thanks

BluesChanteuse says:

You do such a great job explaining every detail, and you’re perfection!

Melissa Heckman says:

where do u look if u can’t find some of these on amazon?

deerclaudia says:

Are these still your fave sunscreen?

mona shihab says:

love it so much thank I love your channel

Little Miss says:

if a product only has ONE of the two ingredients…titanium dioxide…OR….zinc it still considered a physical sunscreen? thank you!

The graceRysh0p says:

please do updated one!! 😀

you’re my new skincare guru!!

SonR R says:

Can you please do a update video, including mineral sunscreens as I hear they are better over chemical ones. Are any of the ones you mention is this Video mineral ? Thanks

Cealcyth Ahn says:

When re-applying sunscreen, do we have to wash the face again and put on toners and whatnot? Or just re-apply the sunscreen directly without washing?

N B says:

Please do an updated version of sunscreens! Thanks 🙂

frances duffield says:

Hi Renee, absolutely love your video, invaluable information I have learnt so much from you. Can you tell me, I have just purchased shiseido Senka anti ageing care uv sunscreen 50 spf paxxxx. Is this ok to put under makeup? Also do you think it is a good product. Thank you for time and I look forward to hearing from. Keep up the fantastic videos, I’m loving The Ordinary. Regards Frances,

CherryJuli says:

My problem with sunscreen is that it makes me incredibly oily 🙁

Devon says:

Are these ok to use the morning after a retinol nighttime serum? (More specifically, Dr Dennis Gross’ Ferulic + Retinol Wrinkle Recovery Overnight Serum) I’m just looking for that perfect facial SPF that would best accommodate the regimen of a retinol user.

Jéssica Lopes says:

beautiful voice!

Lisa Foster says:

When you use sunscreen, do you put it on at the end of your routine or can you put moisturizer on top of it?

Linnyboy says:

A lot of them have the aqua or moisture term attached. Does that mean they also moisturise?

sevenofswords says:

Omg, you didn’t wear sunscreen for much of your life!! wow. You have awesome skin considering that!

Lyna Arlyna says:

What sunscreen do you recommend for the rest of the body, specifically for the exposed limbs and neckline area?

faith1characterhope says:

what would you recommend for sun protection for lips?

Azal Shomirzoeva says:

which one is best for acne skin?

Gary Blum says:

Hi Renee, I would like to find out about the sunscreen Hado Lobo.  Can you give me a website where I can purchase it ?  You have mentioned that you do give information on all your skin products, but, I don’t see all the products mentioned in your video, where it notes: Shop “Japanese sunscreen”.  I love your videos, you are so informative, and your voice is so soothing to listen to.  You are also very pretty, and it is obvious you take good care of yourself, which you want to see in a beauty advocate.   Thank you, for all you do, I find you to be a life changer for many women, who want to learn more about skin products, and stay focused on healthy skin essentials, that actually have a science that proves they actually do work. I appreciate you for finding these products, that are reasonable in price,  as there are so many expensive products on the market, that are not necessarily better for your skin, than a less expensive brand, that has the hyaluronic acids, and ingredients that actually are game changing to the skin.     Warm regards to you,  Renee,   Carol Smith-Blum

sevenofswords says:

also I think the Hada Labo UV creamy gel has been discontinued 🙁

Ramanjeet Kaur says:

Can you do an updated video on this. Especially physical sunscreen recommendations

Bluebeth says:

Are these mineral containing sunscreen at all?

Estrella Oliva says:

Love your videos!!! My husband is traveling to Korea for Business in April 2017 if you could please make a updated video on The best Asian Sunscreen . Iam very fair with Dry mature skin. Thank you I love too see if he can get some great Asian Sunscreen . Love the care Asian take in there skin .

Aggo Minimal says:

Any non chemical japanese sunsceens you can recommed?

Nafeesa P. says:

Where do you buy the Hada Labo products from? Can they be purchased at store in the US? Can you recommend a reliable website that sell it?

Claire Kennedy says:

Thanks so much!

Gary Blum says:

Renee, in your opinion, why wouldn’t a non nano,  pure high percentage of zinc oxide be a great natural sunscreen, to protect skin for sunburn, but for deeper layers of aging ?  I have read, that many of the sunscreen ingredients, can actually cause skin cancer or pre cancer over time, so, I would think, trying any sunscreen, that is a healthier option, would be best for overall health.  Personally, I have been using non nano high percent sunscreens, with zinc oxide.  I am interested in the protection of the deeper layers of skin health, and aging, as well.  I am staying open to new products, so, I am definitely interested in learning more about your options.  I will look into the Hada Lobo products. Thanks again, Renee.    Carol Smith-Blum

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