Sunscreen ft. GLOSSIER!!

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Glossier Invisible Shield Daily Sunscreen +, Broad Spectrum SPF 35 1 fl. oz.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios 60 Ultra Light Facial Sunscreen SPF 60 w/ Antioxidants 1.7 fl. oz.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen, SPF 30, 3 oz.

Coola Suncare Mineral Face SPF 30 Sunscreen Matte Tint 1.7 fl. oz.

EltaMD Skincare UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46, 1.7 oz.


Equipment used to film:
Canon 80D kit
Canon EF 24mm lens
Canon EF 50mm lens
Backdrop stand
Backgound paper rolls

Editing: final cut pro x


Closing credit was put together by Rosée Gándara

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Soo Lee says:

zinc is such a good ingredient tho (physical protector vs chemical) and the eltaMD can be a HG product for some people! def try out haha though I agree, it’s v pricey and not that exciting

floralundies says:

I love how fresh you look here. Your makeup is perfect!

Aerin Logs says:

Your skin is glowing… you are glowing…. love you <3

Amanda A says:

love this video! after watching this i realized the importance of wearing sunscreen everyday and immediately bought one. hope you’re considering doing another sunscreen review video!

Brigitte S. says:

I recommend Supergoop’s everyday sunscreen. It’s the best one I’ve tried and I discovered it two years ago. It doesn’t burn my eyes, which is a huge problem I have with sunscreens. It also doesn’t leave a white cast and sinks into the skin very nicely. It’s much cheaper than the Glossier sunscreen as well, it’s $32 for 7.5 oz! It’s also lightly scented and cruelty-free.

domyboji says:

Do you put sunscreen on before or after makeup?

Hannah Eleanor says:

Your make up looks stunning in this video. Also, no clue how I missed the Glossier Sunscreen launch but I’ve been hoping they’d come out with an SPF! Love it!

liz says:

the glossier ingredients are whack, man. even though sweet orange oil has not been proven explicitly photo-toxic, it’s a common ingredient in cleaning fluids, i.e not something i want to be applying to my face so readily. there’s also no chemical filter/stabilizer that most sunscreens have to absorb uv rays and without that, it can release free radicals much quicker and then ofc lead to cancer

Michelle says:

This video honestly seems like it lacks objectivity… all of them had cons except for the Glossier sunscreen (which had one downside that wasn’t actually a downside…) :-/ Get that $$ but also don’t lose urself lmao.
I definitely recommend Tamira Jarrel’s glossier spf vid for a more objective take tbh

Akiko Katsuta says:

You are amazingly beautiful in this video : )
Which blush are you using?


I wish i was living in the states to get all the products you recommend cuz i’m from new caledonia in da french pacific and we dont get nothing deliverd here !!!! Im such a fan of you as a person and love the content of your videos they’re so original !!!! love from the other side of the world !!!

andiemichellee says:

this is obv just an ad for glossier, if you want real sunscreen reviews just go to Reddit skincareaddictions

alexandra n says:

La Roche makes a mineral sunscreen that has the slightest tint to take away any white cast. It’s the same sort of texture as the one you used – slightly velvety and soft – and it gives you the sheerest wash of colour which is nice. It’s SPF 50 and totally worth a try I personally love it. The only downside is it still is a bit dark for me in the winter (I am a true ivory with pink undertones) and it smells a bit odd.

Bronia K says:

I had the same problem with the la Roche Posay sunscreen, even made me eyes run and skin burn.

Ana says:

I need a face sunscreen that won’t be oily, looks matte, sweatproof, and is affordable.

lindseythelollygagger says:

I can always trust you for the most honest reviews and I love that about you!!

Vivi WW says:

That was so quick! I just have seen email notification from Glossier today. The only one product From Glossier I love is Milky Jelly Cleansing. I had tried them priming moisturizer and my skin felt like couldn’t breathe.I didn’t like it at all. For sunscreen I have been using Lamer sunscreen spf 50+ right now. I know it’s expensive. Christine, have you ever tried Lamer sunscreen yet? Let check it….thanks for sharing a very nice review!

Sara Johansen says:

I used the Neutrogena sunscreen for years BUT I switched to EltaMD and absolutely love it. I really feel like it has aided in keeping my skin clear. I’ve never noticed the smell myself however I do notice the white cast but it just takes an extra second to blend in.

Lauren says:

I was so excited when I saw the ingredients because I was almost sure they were going to do a mineral sunscreen. I’m allergic to zinc oxide and titanium dioxide (super sensitive to a lot of metals) and have never had a reaction from chemical sunscreen, cheap or high end. I hope chemical sunscreens stick around, otherwise I’m gonna have to slop on raspberry seed oil and shea butter and hope for the best.

Myka Aycocho says:

In love with your lashes! Love your rings, too! ✨

hiddencat8 says:

Avobenzone without octocrylene means it’s unstable. The avobenzone will break down and release free radicals. What a bummer!

Edda Isabel León says:

I purchased the La Roche-posay recently and I have to agree that it reeks of alcohol; Also, not particularly a fan of the matte finish it leaves. Which guts me because it’s waterproof and it’s easy to blend, but the smell drives me insane.

Ty space says:

Lol at the dudes not using products that don’t have gender neutral or masculine packaging. Fragile male egos, hahaha

Jennifer Ortiz says:

What blush are you using? It looks SO good.

Ava Brooker says:

it seems like a money grab to me.. really expensive for a very small amount of what seems like a mediocre product. It also makes me wonder why they didn’t just make a version of their moisturizer with sunscreen??? there may be a reason for that maybe it’s less effective or something but makes me feel like they just want us to spend as much as possible

JV T says:


Cindy Chen says:

Hey Christine! Have you ever tried aveeno’s face sunscreens? I use the positively radiant daily moisturizer with spf 30 and really like it. I know that they also have a protect and hydrate sunscreen too. Just curious about your thoughts on aveeno’s sun products.

Low Qualily says:

what are you wearing on your lips? it looks so pretty on you!

Cynthia Megan says:

is the glossier one a matte finish?

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