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Sunhat, Target-

La Roche Posay Anthelios

Colorscience- ColorScience #ad #sponsored
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PIXI by Petra sun mist

Coppertone Whipped Sunscreen

Pacifica Mineral Sunscreen

Australian GOld Mineral Sunscreen

COOLA Spf 50 Guava Spray

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Am I a mom?- Yes, I have a daughter and a son.

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Jenny T says:

Great video. I try to use physical/mineral sunscreens only, and the Australian Gold mineral SPF 50 is great but it breaks out my face. I can use it in my body though. My current mineral SPF faves are the Tarte Face Guard SPF 30 the Bare Minerals prep and prime SPF 50. And I love those Colour Science powder SPFs esp for touch ups and hairline. Coola Cucumber SPF 30 mineral sunscreen is an old favorite, as well.

debbie Souvatzis says:

l Love your make up on this video !!! what did you use !!!

Margaret Wiltrout says:

Hello I had a sample of the Cool a and it did smell so good but could you please tell me if it has Zinc dioxide and the other natural burier in it? I am 43 years old and I was diagnosed with 2 different types of skin cancer this year. one is Lyomyosarcoma and I had to have that surgically removed and the other is Melenoma. I was a diehard hard tanner all my life and now I have to be really careful. I can’t find anything at the drug store with the ingredients they want me to have in it and I really can’t afford to go to high of a price. I have 2 boys and I really haven’t used to much sunscreen on them when they where younger cause my oldest was allergic to sunscreen and they both really never burn they tan so easily. I now keep telling them to protect themselves. I thank you for any help!!!

CoffeeBeforeMascara says:

I adore the La Roche Posay Anthelios mineral spf 50 in the tinted version and consider it a sheer summer foundation. Oh my God I got so burnt on my back and my thighs (and butt) from snorkeling last year I totally know what you’re talking about! Pixi has a sheer spray??? I use Supergoop spf setting spray and it’s expensive so I will definitely investigate Pixi! For my body, I’ve been loving another La Roche Posay Anthelios spf 60 sunscreen milk. I was in the sun for 6 hours this weekend in the North Carolina sun sitting on bleachers at an air show and no sunburn! I did reapply at 2 hour intervals. The cool a looks interesting too though. If your husband did good with it then I’ll pick some up when I Ron out of what I have.

Meg Collins says:

The Colorescience powder sunscreen is great for using on the part of your hair if you’re not wearing a hat. It’s pretty important to protect that vulnerable area.

Marla Robinson says:

My dermatologist says I only need 30 spf but I prefer 50.

Sherry G says:

So sitting must have been painful. Ouch! I have to go fragrance free which is a challenge. For the face, I like Neutrogena Pure and Free SPF 50 and Cotz tinted mineral sunscreen SPF 58. For the body, Banana Boat for Kids SPF 50 and Coppertone Oil Free SPF 30. Enjoyed the reviews!

thetigereyes53 says:

I love learning about new sunscreens. I’ve been wearing hydropeptide sunscreen with tint and lily lolo mineral foundation. Athleta makes a nice long sleeve royal blue athletic shirt with spf 50 that I wore over my swimsuit for a recent vacation and it worked great. Even covered part of my hands. I love your videos and upbeat personality.

jean says:

You wear hats well. Lol! Fat floats! Yup!!!!!!!!!! I like the tinted mineral sunscreen from La Roche Posay. That Color Science powder wand looks handy for a booster.

Tay Glitter Glam says:


Paula Warner says:

The Australian Gold makes a mineral one just for the face with spf 50. I’m currently using it and I love it.

Nancy Solomon says:

Omg!! You look gorgeous today! That lip color is beautiful on you.

Aj Prameswari says:

Hi, may I ask if the Pixi Sun Mist comes in an aerosol bottle or just a regular spray bottle? 🙂 Thanks!

MLE S says:

I’ve been a sunscreen nut my whole adult life but especially after living in the tropics for two years. I used LaRoche Posay SPF50 and Peter Thomas Roth powder sunscreen for touch ups (similar to the Colorescience powder) and when I returned to America, a dermatologist said my skin was remarkably un-sun damaged for the amount of exposure I got. Huzzah!

I now live in Atlanta, where we do a lot of driving in hot sun, and I’ve become concerned about sun exposure on my hands. I recently bought SPF50 gloves on Amazon (called “Glacier Gloves”) and wear them every time I commute to work. Frugie you may not need them in Seattle, but I highly recommend them for anyone living somewhere sunny!

Palladio 1500 says:

Here’s a link to a Q ans A on sunscreens by a licensed dermatologist. Perhaps you should watch this series ( 3 videos) before you recommend mists and a low SPF.

gracie b says:

Pretty earrings Rebecca! I buy every new sunscreen that I see!!

kasizzle4k says:

I’m a Floridian, so sunscreen is my life! I love all the Coola products. My next purchase will be the Coola makeup setting spray. I tried the setting spray from Supergoop and wasn’t thrilled with it. Now the Pixi mist will also be on my shopping list.

Beth Brown says:

Loved this!!!! i would so love to get one of the brush ones .

Carrie P says:

You look fabulous in a hat girl!

susan moore says:

Thanks for the review. I would use the Pacifica on my legs if it leaves a nice glow. Not the one with bronzer because who wants it all over your clothes…no…but the other one would be nice. I must admit…I never put sunscreen on unless I am out at the pool. I really am not outside but a few minutes a day, and some days I never even open my front door…but nice to see a review on some new products in case I do go out for any length of time…have a great week.

deana Elkins says:

love the hats…Appreciate all the spf info!!

Shana Begay says:

you are awesome .love the hats

Clara Sherman says:

I also wear hats. Love your hat & the butt joke. Australian gold is my favorite because it’s not too oily on my face.

Susana Fantozzi says:

I just received the Australia Gold sunscreen. It took a looonnnnnggg time to arrive. Haven’t had much use for sunscreen, cloudy around these parts.

Bradshytes says:


Annie Lapointe says:

hahahah you’re so informative and ohhhhhhhhh so funny! I luv you! keep on the good work!

Palladio 1500 says:

SPF 15 is NOT enough protection. Especially for someone with rosacea. If the SPF is 15 then the SPF is 15 regardless of what is included in the product. You need to be extra careful with sun protection. LaRoche Posay makes some great, comfortable sunscreens with SPF 50 and 60. Hats are great but they dont protect the lower part of your face and neck from reflected rays off asphalt and other surfaces. Also, the light sprays are not going to give you real coverage. You could see the randomness with the Pixi spray.
Sun protection is the single most effective measure you can take to keep your skin from wrinkling, dark spots and discolorations.
As for people “getting salty” about videos touting products when the “reviewer” is being paid, well, you can watch QVC if you want to be sold a product when someone is being paid to tell you how wonderful and life changing the product is and assuring viewers that they would never tell you a product was wonderful if it wasnt.

Callie Anna says:

I LOVE Australian Gold! You can get it at Walmart and It replaced my favorite $40 sunscreen that I would get at my facialist.

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