Sunscreen Over Makeup ~ Mineral Powder Sunscreen Reviews

Testing 3 Mineral Powder Sunscreens Over Makeup ~ Review, Comparison, Wear Test!
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Denise Munoz says:

I finally went to ULTA and bought the Australian Gold tinted sunscreen. I love using it for no makeup days. It keeps my oily skin shine free. I tried using it under makeup and it was a hot mess. My makeup turned out thick and patchy. What did I do wrong?

Al DiStefano says:

Hi it’s Julie I love the Cliniquefit foundation for sports events and outside – I love it

lolalola7779 says:

Hi Angie i just started to use the Australian gold mineral spf and i really like it because it really stays on your face. Do you think mixing the spf with a drop of foundation or those custom drops would be ok or do you think it would mess with the spf protection? I like the effect kind of like a budge proof bb cream.

Claire says:

Hi. I’m about to order the Hydropeptide solar defense spf 50 as recommended in one of our videos. I just wondered if you or any subscribers have used the tinted version?

LJT says:

Thanks for the video! The Nordstrom Anniversary sale has a wonderful Supergoop! offering.

Jen Gerard says:

New sub here ! Found you from Metamorphosis Rox ❤️

Jackie Mullens says:

IT coming out with SPF40 matte cc cream. Can you try it out please

Jenlovesmakeup says:

I was wondering if this type if sunscreen worked. Definitely going to try one.

Joana Remine says:

I love he super goop spray

Shirlene Higbie says:

I am interested in the Colorscience … and wondering how much lighter the Fair is from the Medium ? …… Hugs …… Shirlene

Linda McAndrew says:

Thanks for your reply Angie. Grr.. clicked the subscribe button but no grey bell icon.
How frustrating .. I only use my Apple IPad to watch my fave YouTube channels.
I’ll give it a try on my MacBook. Oddly enough Erin Busbee notifications do deliver to my inbox.

Peggy Tackett says:

Enjoy your videos so much. Always so informative and I learn so much every time I watch. thank you

Julie Jasinski says:

Have you tried the DermaE powder sunscreen?

Lupe Arrambide says:

Do you hold your breath when applying? I’ve heard that inhaling the powder isn’t good for you. Thanks

Tracey Higgins says:

Thanks Angie

Katie J. says:

I never tap the Supergoop first. You just need to give it one shake up and down and enough product comes out. It isn’t as messy if you’re a bit more careful. Also, blotting before reapplying will help with the patchiness by removing the excess liquid from the skin. Just some tips for how I’ve used it!

Mary Wallbridge says:

Hi angie i think the coloursience seemed ro be the better in things looking matte thanks for posting its good to know there are other options for suncare besides under make up take care all the best Mary from Australia

Tami Rhodes says:

Hi, great review. Do you clean the brush? If you do what do you use?

shalini kumar says:

Amazing ! This is exactly what I need. Thank u so much ✨

Amy Galvin says:

The Color Science version is great. Always apply to the hair part. Have family members missing large areas of hair from having melanoma removed from the scalp.

Smuddpie says:

Thanks for the comparison, Angie. I know I have completely ignored the recommendations to reapply sunscreen because I would have to start all over with the makeup. I would like to see you try the Bare Minerals mineral veil as well. I know the packaging is not as portable or convenient, but at $23 for .3 oz, it’s a really nice price point. Sadly, it doesn’t have zinc oxide.

Tina Frost says:

I love the makeup in this video. I would love it if you could do a summer makeup tutorial. Something that is natural and maybe easy looking for the New England heat and humidity.

Anna banana and Lucyboy !! says:

Hi Angie! Firstly thank you so much for all your time and effort, my skin is looking so much better now after using the products you recommend, it’s so exciting. I just have a question, I live in Germany and I am being told everywhere that the Chanel perfection velvet is discontinued, it is sold out everywhere even online! Do your know anything about this, if it’s true i will be so upset! After 43 years I have finally found the HG of foundations…

Jennifer S. says:

Physicians formula has an spf 30 all mineral sunscreen pressed powder!

Brandy Schade says:

Costco sells a mineral powder sunscreen called BrushOnBlock, the website lists them at 2 for $29.99. for .12oz each. Costco also has Colorscience I’m not sure of the price.

Mascara to Midnight says:

Thanks, Angie. It sure was helpful.

debra k says:

Hi Angie–thanks for all your informative videos. I love the salmon salad now! On mineral sunscreen powder I like the Physicians Formula Mineral Wear powder compact Spf 30 with tit and zinc 15/10. I am fair w/ cool undertones and the creamy natural works well for me. There is .26 oz of product for much less then the ones you mentioned I use my own push up travel brush even though it comes with its own.

Krista Romero says:

Two Thumbs Up!!!! Great video with valuable information. Thank you SO much for this side-by-side comparison ♡♡ (((Hugs))) from Oregon ~ Krista

Graceful Beauty says:

Great video. I’m obsessed with sunscreen. It’s my favorite anti-aging product ever! I LOVE my Colorescience Brush on the best. I have one in every purse, my travel bag and my beach bag! I also like my Mineral Fusion Brush-on spf too (much less expensive than Colorescience but Colorescience is so very worth the money to me). DermaE has one I want to try too. Thanks for sharing!

Dr. Julien Arbor says:

Great video, Angie! I got the Supergoop Mineral Powder sunscreen when it first came out; before there was any color in it. It’s completely white, they no longer sell refills for it, and it settles into my pores…leaving tiny white dots on my cheeks. I’m wondering if anyone else is having problems like this while using the colors? I like the fact that you can remove and wash the brush as well as purchase refills at a lesser price. I also notice that the Colorscience contains mica making me wonder if it has a shimmer to it? Thanks so much!

Scrappinsam says:

Have you tried the Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Spray Broad Spectrum SPF 50+? I used it over makeup while on vacation and it has a beautiful fine mist. It’s non-sticky and not oily. I could even use it on my scalp without it messing up my hair.

Glitzy Fritzy says:

Hey Angie I had in my favorites a bit ago the Physicians Forumula one and I bought a Jane Iredale container for it so that I can take it along like the Color Science…I really like it. Have you seen it? SO much less expensive at only $13 and doesn’t hurt my makeup or make it look cakey I’ve not tried the Color Science so I can’t compare to it though xoxo Mary

Wendy Fiehler says:

I think my CS is broken. I really have to tap several times quite hard to get the smallest amount to come out.

g r says:

Hi Angie, I watch your videos regularly and enjoy them! A tip I’d like to share is to apply sunscreen with a craft store-grade, inexpensive, synthetic, 1″ (or so) wide, flat brush. You get better control, even application, not getting fingers greasy and it’s quicker. I like to think of it as ‘painting’ on my sunscreen. I can even ‘paint’ the backs of my hand with the brush. I’ll never go back to using my fingers again.

Pamela Dandley says:

Can’t wait to try these products,thanks Angie!

K Cho says:

I love my Supergoop spf 45 powder because it’s refillable. I plan to fill it with my Bare Mineral Veil spf 25 to continue touching up during the fall/winter season on top of my regular sunscreen.

Kathleen Speegle says:

I learn so much from you! Thank you Angie!!!

Debora says:

Thanks Angie, very helpful. I almost bought the Tarte one, last week, this comparison came just at the right time.

Emily Langman says:

As usual thank you Angie! I was actually considering purchasing the Tarte to save some money…..but I think I will just shell out the extra cash for the colorescience!

Sabina Salihagic says:

I saw at Sprouts DERME E came out with one spf 30 I believe!! Did anyone try it??

lori justice says:

I actually work for a dermatologist and we sell both super goop and colorscience. I also love the colorscience lipgloss and concealer with sunscreen.

T Phipps says:

Can you do a video on how to apply sunscreen and what to apply around the eyes? No matter how careful I am to apply sunscreen, it always makes my eyes burn and sting, but I want to protect the eye area. What do you recommend? Thank you.

orJANics 50nRaw says:

Angie I love your videos and have been so inspired by your skin care routine. I ordered almost all the products you recommend. I am 52 and at war with my aging 🙁 I ordered the botanical australian gold spf 50 but was so disappointed to see that the number one ingredient is alumina. I switched deodorants many years ago to avoid aluminum so I definitely won’t be using this sunscreen.Aluminum is a heavy metal that may cause problems as we age. I will be on the look out for products without aluminum for sure. I did see that mad hippie has a sunscreen that I will give a try. Love your videos and all the effort you put into your testing. Blessings. Jan

Jodi F. says:

Thank you so much for the color science tip to tap on the hand with the cap on! 🙂 I followed the directions but the powder just didn’t seem to come out at all. Tried it today and it’s perfect now. Great comparison too

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