Sunscreen | SPF | PA+ | Who, what, why, when, how?

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Time Stamps

What is Sunscreen 11:37

Types of rays from the sun 12:01

UVA vs UVB 12:17

What is SPF 17:56

Broad Spectrum 20:37

PA Rating 21:05

Regulation 25:00

Water resistance 25:36

How much to apply 26:17

Reapplication 29:05

What step in skincare 29:52

Chemical vs physical 33:52

Children/Infants 35:27

Possible ingredient safety issues 37:03

Sunscreens & Swatches 46:42

Recap of favorites 59:55

Products Mentioned:

Etude House Sunprise Must Daily
Etude House Sunprise Mild Airy Finiish
CosRX Aloe Soothing Sun Cream
Anessa Perfect Facial UV Sunscreen
Anessa – Essence UV Susncreen Aqua Booster
Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Gel
Senka Aging Care UV Sunscreen
Canmake Mermaid Skin Gel
Senka Mineral Water UV Gel
Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence
Drunk Elephant Umbra Tinte
Josie Maran SPF47
Drunk Elephant Umbra
Obagi Matte Sun Shield
Dr Dennis Gross Sheer Mineral Sun Spray
EltaMD UV Physical SPF41

Google Docs Ingredient List

Future Derm Article

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Sam Antonia says:

Stefanie, you blow me away. This video is top notch, and props to you for thinking about your fellow dark skin beauties and putting up your friend’s pictures to see the wear on dark skin.. I am seriously blown away by how informative and detailed your videos are. I wish there was this type of mandatory skincare/beauty class in college or high school – thanks to your work over the years, I now see skincare as a form of hygiene that if well maintained can prevent so much damage later on in life for both men and women. Anyway, big thank you for this video, I really appreciate it. I have had very bad eczema and now that it is fully treated I am trying to fade the hyperpigmentation scars, and my dermatologist doesn’t recommend laser treatment or any chemical exfoliants that could accelerate the fading. So my only option is to step up on my sun protection. This year I am going ham on sunscreens to avoid further darkening of the scars – and I knew I needed to visit my holy grail, your YT channel before investing! PS, if you know MBTI, I think you are an INTJ!

Natalie Rodriguez says:

I love your attitude!

Jennifer Kewley says:

Hello. I have been binge watching sunscreen videos. I’ve watched this one many times and love it. I have a question that I am really hoping you will be able to answer.

If 5% is the min of zinc oxide and Titanium Dioxide that should be present, does that mean that even though my bottle says spf 50, water resist up to 80 min….that isn’t true because there is only 4% of each, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide in it?

Thanks for your hard work!

Lauren A says:

Steph, I have been watching your channel for literally years, but it seems that you spend a lot of time and energy on the trolls, and all the people criticising you. I can completely understand that, and you are just explaining what is egging on your anxiety lately, and I know it’s gone on even longer (I follow you on instagram). I scroll the comments on every video and there are thousands of people commending you, complimenting you and trusting you. Focus on those people and know we accept and like you for who you are and appreciate the things you put out there. I have seen you thank the supporters many times, but it almost seems that you’re talking about the negative people a lot more. Know that those people are probably just projecting, and are miserable themselves. I can’t see any happy and confident person criticizing another behind a keyboard. The positive people are the people that are telling the truth. I hope this doesn’t sound preachy and/or annoying lol. I just know what it’s like to let negativity get to you and how it can make you just more sensitive to everything else. You’re wonderful and the people that matter love and support you <3

Karina D says:

I’ve been using live clean (baby) SPF 45. Love it! It’s never tested on animals and is non-nano. However, its hard to wash off the face at the end of the day. (I’m in Canada, not sure if they have this in the US)

Jagroop Kaur says:

I feel like I’m in a science class, which I love, (I know you don’t claim be to be an expert) along with beauty reviews when I watch your channel. Thank you

Beauty and The Boy says:

Another thing sorry you say to avoid ethylhexyl methocinnamate which is known as octinoxate but its actually one of the oldest SPF ingredients going and has had thousands studies done on it in its time and none of them have showed that it is harmful in any way the one time octinoxate has been shown to be harmful is when it has been used in super high concentrations which would never happen in skincare these high concentrations. the EU allows octinoxate in sunscreens at a percentage of 10% and in the US at 7.5% so this wouldn’t be high enough to actually cause any problems in the skin

libee84 says:

I’m a sunscreen addict. I just ordered the drunk elephant, mdsolarsciences, and 2 from juice beauty. None have hormone disrupters and an appropriate amount of zinc oxide or zinc/titanium dioxide blend. I’ll update when I’ve tried them!

Annie Hostetler says:

Watching this the whole way through for the second time because there is so much information, once is literally not enough. Thanks again for all of the work you do to give us comprehensive reviews and information.

Gemma R says:

This was some video Stephanie!!!! Talk about serious work put in!

Denise Lam says:

Thank you for this! Like you, I also have dry skin and have found your previous reviews on skincare and makeup very helpful. Now that you’ve pointed out the horrible ingredients in facial sunscreens and how some of the “stay away” ingredients are also in the SPF of foundations ………. I was wondering if you will do an updated foundation favorites in the near future, that stay away from the “bad” ingredients?

Kathryn Oliver says:

Would love a serum video like this!

chelley bee says:

Do u use a primer after ur sunscreen?

Colleen Anne says:

First…you are an incredible woman! Thank you for being you. I am going theough some serious life as well and sending you an axiety free hug for a calmer here on forward for you and your friends. Xo I love when you are wall to wall geek girl overdrive. This is the single most helpful source of info written or vid on sunscreen and all of the whys and hows! I love researching and comparing info myself but due to current life and medical whatnot snd moving and work etc just have not taken the time. Thanks to yoh I have 3 great starting points for myself and my kiddos and our very skin cancer prone family. You REALLY make a difference. Much love and appreciation. Xox

Pamela Gupta says:

So helpful Stephanie. Love the Josie, but I think I’ll try the DE next. I noticed a big difference on a recent sunny trip when using my vit c serum in the am under my spf, thanks to your advice!!!

Elizabeth Donatto-Clark says:

As always, great research and presentation. I like the Paula’s Choice Super Light Daily Wrinkle Defense SPF 30 in the summer and the Drunk Elephant Umbra Defense in the winter.

Beauty and The Boy says:

Just to let you know that its an old misconception that physical SPF reflects light. Its now thought that both physical and chemical sunscreens absorb and convert UV radiation into heat its been proven that only around 5% of all uva/uva is actually reflected by Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide

Aspects of Style says:

Very interesting video especially about the ingredients. Thankfully my sunscreens do not contain that fear for your life ingredient (bar from one lip balm…damn!), but when I research about SPF I always check the ingredients. There is a Greek brand that uses it on their sunscreens and I was rather annoyed to find that out!!

Gloriann Ortiz says:

Super Video. I loved it

bri6713 says:

Love the nails! You are so awesome, thanks for all of the work you did to put this video together. It really does help and is appreciated! Congrats on the Sephora collaboration…I’m sure it was a no-brainer for them to sponsor you!

Tiffany Neaves says:

So much good information!

Ana Guimarães says:

Late to the party, I know but still, just let me say how great and informative this video is…this is why you are, by far, my favourit youtuber!! <3 <3

Denice CHANG says:

Thank you for all the hard work you put into this video. Am a little disappointed (not at you!) that the Japanese sunscreens don’t get a great review – was hoping that they would as the Japanese are obsessed with avoiding sun damage and tanning. Personally love the Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence. It’s so lightweight and layers super well. I could re-apply numerous times (the thing I do when I am out in the sun (say hiking) and consequently thinking about sun damage *cry*) without feeling sticky or plain gross. And I love a small squeezy tube.

Leanna Schuler says:

I love your eyeshadow in this video

Sassy Shuchi says:

That’s a great information. You cleared my doubts♥️. Can I include the link to your video on my YouTube channel?

Janet Hill says:

Please do meditation, sometimes you just have to take deep breaths at least 3 deep breaths. Don’t listen to negative people! The ones who support you are always going to be there for you!

Mary Ireland says:

Super awesome video thank you! Sadly the Airy Etude is sold out 🙁 Hope you are feeling better and you are settling into your new studio!!

Daniela Brunovska says:

Very informative video, thank you for putting in the work so we can be smarter <3

K. S. says:

I recently had a HUGE area of skin removed, and 12 or so stitches put in, because of a skin cancer scare. Never going without SPF ever again! I’m only 24, but that just goes to show that literally anyone can be affected by the sun’s rays. I’m not even someone who “sun bathes”, tans, etc

Jennifer Kewley says:

FYI I found that run for your life ingredient, ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate, in my shampoo. Just thought I would share that some of these ingredients are found in other products beyond makeup/skincare in case others want to check into this.

Wendy Costanza says:

Can you recommend a sunscreen for working out? What to do you use when you snowboard? I run outside and am at a loss – none of the “good” brands seem to be sweat-proof. Thanks!

Sarah Kokura says:

Thank you so much. I’m wondering if the problems I’ve had with sunscreens was with the “run for your life” ingredient. I’ve avoid sunscreen unless I was going to be out all day at a beach because it seemed everything caused me to breakout so bad. We actually as a family only used the sport spf 30 or 50 that’s all alcohols. Because my daughter reacted so bad to all physical sunscreens. Hives everywhere! So all my children used the same one. I chose sun protection as the most important. As we are very pale people. But now I’ll be looking into more ingredients. Thank you again. This was a lot of work.

Laura says:

Thanks so much for this one!!! <3

Colleen Leonard says:

does anyone know where i can get the Etude House Sunprise Airy one? the link says its no longer available (located in canada but i dont mind spending money on shipping if its good)

xoxochad says:


TheWaiting4lunch says:

LOVE this video – so informative. Thank you!! 🙂

sna ojao says:

I love the Dennis Gross. I’m able to apply it over my make up by pressing it onto my face. Thank you, Steph.

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