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Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40
100% Mineral Invisible Setting Powder
Daily correct CC cream
Everyday sunscreen
Glowstick sunscreen
100% MIneral Smooth and Pore Matte Screen
City Sunscreen serum
Healthy Glow Sunless tan
Shine-On Lip Screen
Forever Young Hand Cream
Eye cream
Antioxidant sunscreen spray
💜Body sunscreens I love
Aveeno Natural Protection SPF50
Blue lizard SPF30
Coppertone Sport SPF50
Vanicream sunscreen

💜Face sunscreens I love
La Roche Posay antihelios mineral
MDSolar Sciences Mineral Tinted
Cetaphil redness relieving
MyChelle SunShield Liquid tint
Solbar zinc SPF 38
Eucerin daily protection
EltaMD UV Clear
EltaMD UV Sport
EltaMD UV Physical
Murad City Skin SPF50
La Roche Posay
Cerave AM
Cerave baby
Eucerin Daily Protection
Avene Very High Protection SPF50 (UK)
Differin SPF30
Neutrogena sheer zinc
Aveeno natural protection
Hamilton Active Family SPF (AU)
Bioderma Photoderm Max (UK)
Coppertone sensitive skin

My sunglasses
Neck shield:

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anjna khalkho says:

Niacinamide is used in pigmentation .How does it work on pigmentation ? What is the mechanism? Can u refer any articles on that or even a video can work ?

pinkpinkus says:

Do u have any other recommendations for salicylic acid face wash similar to the zapzyt one? One that I can purchase in the drugstore.

Ps: I’m from Canada

mr.djkilah says:

Doesn’t octinoxate degrade avobenzone? Also, the unseen version doesn’t contain octocrylene to stabilize a oven zone.. This formulation seems very irresponsible to put out

Naya Ruth says:

The serum and the eye cream are the only ones that works with my husbands skin. Anything that has spf15 and up stings on him but these two doesn’t. I use the eye cream as well because of the sunscreen and also, it doesn’t give me eyelid dermatitis. I love Supergoop products. Unfortunately, not all the products are carried on Sephora PH like for example the eye cream so I have to bulk buy outside the Philippines.

Aidan Bai says:

I was wondering what deodorant you use? (If you use one) I’m trying to find one to fight odor AND sweat. But not harm my kidneys or skin. Thank you 🙂

angela 1679 says:

Hi Dr dray!!! Please consider discussing in one of your videos zinc supplements for acne prone skin. Thank you!!!

araceli silva says:

please review the kielhs face products and spf

2 Real Chicks says:

New to your channel and wow, just wow! So much incredible information. Thank you for this review. I’ve heard so much buzz about it and have been curious to try it. Looking forward to your future videos. – Carla from 2 Real Chicks

Andrea Fernandez says:

Hey Dr Dray! My husband is a firefighter, and on the job he comes into contact with a lot of nasty things, not just getting dirty but chemicals released during fires, carcinogens etc and even with as cautious as they try to be these things make contact with his skin. Are there extra precautious he should be taking to rid his skin of these things? I encourage him to use an antibacterial soap to shower with at the station and also to do infrared saunas after fires to help sweat out some of the things that he may absorb. Does this sound sufficient? Any advice? Thanks for your videos!

catmama54 says:

Looking at your skin makes me wish I had started with sunscreen a long time ago. Cleary it protects the skin and keeps it younger looking.You have the skin of a teenager.

Casey Conner says:

Hi Dr. Dray thank you great video. I just picked up at walmart an equate mineral baby sunscreen spf 50. 21 percent zinc for 4.00. No fragrance and clean ingredients. 4.00 is a great price!!

sophie sabbycat says:

In aesthetics school during the UVA/UVB portion, they taught us to think of it as UVAging, and UVBurning. And that is how I’ll forever read it. I’ve never been able to tan bc of my ultra fairness, and in HS I was jealous of all my friends, but now, some 25 yrs later, I’m soooo glad that I didn’t bc I look a good 10-15 yrs younger than some of them. My clients always ask what the best anti aging cream is and I always say sunscreen, much to the dismay of a few. Lol

Danielle D says:

I like Dennis Gross spray sunscreen, because instructions say to spray into your hand and then apply to the face. So it doesn’t end up going to the mosquitos. 🙂

Nagwa gamal says:

Loved how it felt, but it irritated my eyes like no other.

Gloria Tashjian says:

Hey Dr. Dray, I have a question.
Soooo I’ve been considering getting a microdermal piercing near my collarbone. I’m worried about keloiding. My mom has a history of severe keloiding from vaccines or scrapes and things. I myself having had vaccines, several other piercings and cuts and scrapes have never keloided. Should piercing that area be something I should worry about?

Pamela Kaivo says:

I am curious what you think about the supergoop oil based spf 50

Julie Barnes says:

Happy day oh happy day. It stopped raining in Greenville lol! I ordered Sephora sun safety kit and got it in 2 days ago. It has about 15 sample sizes of sunscreen. I use one every day to try it out and I have to say I don’t like the Sheishado at ALL! Tomorrow I try Lancôme. I hope I like it bc it’s the largest sample in there. While I’m trying them out for the next several days I hate it cuz slightly bc I’m missing my Japanese sunscreens so much! Take care

vanessa quintanilla says:

Andrea, I live in Houston and would love to see if you could look at my skin but I can’t find your office. Could you let me know where you are ? I only find UT but I don’t think that’s updated. Thank you !!

AGibsonJ says:

DHA in sunless tanners gives me such an itchy rash …. otherwise I’d love to have a sunless tan.

JPandBuzz says:

I got a sample of this and it made my eyes water and burn. I didn’t get it in my eye just around my eyes. I will not be using this product again. Something really irritated me very badly.

aruytpadyugf says:

if I wear foundation that contains 30 SPF and iron oxides on top of my daily 50 SPF, how should I re-apply my daily 50 SPF throughout the day? Should I remove my make up and do it all over again? The powder SPF options dry out my skin and make my makeup look cakey, so I’m really stuck here. HELP!


how do you get rid of sun damage? is it possible, i was a lifegurd for 4 years

AngyDragonfly says:

I have allergic contact dermatitis, is there a natural sunscreen you could recommend? Im currently just trying to cover myself as best as I can with a largish brimmed hat made of a cotton /linen blend.

Rabia Shakoor says:

I was thinking of buying the defense refresh for the reason that it makes it possible to re-apply sunscreen even if you have makeup on all day. is it better than nothing or is the losing product/uneven application issue make it not worth it?

Betty Ugolini says:

Great information

Isabel Fernández Escapa says:

Great review! Have you considered reviewing Skinfix?

TxMimi says:

Guilty! For swimming, I used the sunscreen sprays to get my own back done. Now, I just rock a swim shirt with a high neck. If I am outside and active, a high spf swim shirt and Blue Lizard are my besties :). If only you had been around years ago!

denise bissell says:

I need a sunblock that is tearless because when I sweat or go in pool the sunblock . So far the water babies in 50 spf has worked , or the baby one from Tropicana . Are these bad for me?

antonia nillan says:

Dr.Dray what do you think about glutathione? Is it good to take glutathione supplement?

araceli silva says:

also can you please do a video on Notalgia parasthetica

Kelly Horton says:

Hi Dr. Dray, Thanks for all your advice. Have you ever looked at the Osmosis skincare line? I haven’t tried any of their products, but I am thinking about trying their CC cream and the vitamin A product. Would love to know your thoughts on the products. Thanks so much!

Leslie Broverman says:

Hi Doctor Dray. Thank you for the awesome videos. Has anyone used the Elta M.D. UV Clear tinted. I’m debating between clear and tinted.

Catrina Linton says:

What do you think of the neutrogena break out free sunscreen spf 55

some body says:

After how long staying in the sun melenanin synthesis starts ?

Areli U says:

Hi Dr Dray! Hope you are doing great! I want to thank you for everything. My skin is so much better since I follow you. I was wondering if it is possible for you to make a video about treatments available to withen dark underarms. Thank you again!

Danny Mao says:

Love your videos so much.❤️ so helpful and informative.

Curie Choi says:

Hii! Can you please do a review of larocheposay sunscreen(kids, anthelios, uvidea, tinted) someday? Ps. I luv your videos:)

Donna says:

I was very interested in your thoughts. Had a terrible experience with the Supergoop setting mist. I bought into the line because I thought the owner/developers ideals seemed honorable. However after forking over the big $ I was very disappointed that I couldn’t use the product because the scent of alcohol was so strong I had trouble breathing and couldn’t get to the shower fast enough to wash it off my face, neck & hands. As you’ve said there are many fragrance free and alcohol free options. Live & learn.

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