The Ordinary Sunscreen Review| Dr Dray

Today I review The Ordinary Mineral Sunscreen and apply it on camera for you to see how it goes on.

Reference for how much sunscreen to apply:

💜One crown-shaped bottle cap lid holds 3.3 grams (3,300mg) sunscreen. Sunscreen must be applied at 2mg/cm2 surface area to reach the SPF on the label.

💜For the face and neck:
The face and neck are less than 9% body surface area (about 685cm2). You need 1.37g (1,370mg) sunscreen, which is about half a bottle cap full, and is the amount I used in this video.

💜Good mineral sunscreens
Cerave baby
Aveeno baby
NO-AD Naturals Clear
Blue lizard
Attitude Fragrance Free SPF

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Umut 02222 says:

help I´m in vacay and my skin is burnt lol I hate myself I was applying sunscreen tho but probably not right

asdfghjkl smmei says:

What are your thoughts on benzophenone/oxozenzone? Does spf have to have a pa++++ on it?

agameofantasy says:

I would love to purchase a Dr Dray sunscreen in the future 😀

simplybri says:

I know allot of people like the ordinary but I don’t I get it’s cheap and to the point but to me they aren’t always formulated well.

Danny Mao says:

I only trust your sunscreen recommendation. I saw other youtuber was like oh this sunscreen doesnt leave a white cast and he only put on 3 dots. Lol.

lindi hlongwane says:

It definitely has to be improved.Thanks Dr Dray ♥️

sweetsuburban sky says:

Please review that Attitude one! I will be giving the Ordinary one a hard pass based on the white cast!!

Jara says:

Sorry, I can’t jump on the sun cream bandwagon

Slater Baloff says:

Your reviews are always so detailed 🙂 I would love to see an Attitude review! Have you by chance tested any of the TruKid sunscreens as well?

Richard Lor says:

This is on my list of sunscreens to try since we got word they were coming out with one, but I now I have my doubts. Thank you for the review!

Tina says:

Rubbing the sunscreen into the skin a bit more could lessen the white cast

Michelle Tilley says:

Interesting to watch as always , love your videos ! Definitely sticking to altruist though! Hate sticky sunscreens

Sass Horner says:

You are awesome. No ordinary testing challenge.

Gladys M says:

It’s amazing they didn’t launch this as a tinted. No one is going to put that on their face and go out. Let alone try to apply makeup over it. Who comes up with this stuff?

Sarah Henderson says:

Whoa! You definitely took one for the team on this spf Dr. Dray! 🙂 thank you for your review!

Mrs S says:

Attractive…..not. Think I will give it a miss. What about the theory that a little sun is beneficial for Vit D?

mldforce says:

Oh yikes!! Thanks for reviewing it for us. I think we will all pass on this lol

Jennifer marrero says:

My favorite Mineral Sunscreen is Warrior no white cast .

Bev Royston says:

Excellent review thank you. Would make a great primer for foundation! ?

Nancy says:

The Ordinary is so overrated–the hype came from the Youtubers last year promoting the bazillion amounts of serum–and now there is push to a more simplified skincare regimen–even at a nice price point I still will order my sunscreen via Japan for a few dollars more and without the white cast.

jr says:

wow, if someone uses this sunscreen they would have to add teeth whitener to their to do list! lol

Kellian h says:

You look like the tin man in the Wizard of Oz movie !! I have a question about sunscreen, I just found I’m allergic to gold!! Does sunscreen contain that. I heard titanium dioxide has it !!

Madalina Marandyuk says:

I am not one to comment on videos very often but I love your videos! They are so informative and your personality is fantastic, thank you for educating us! PS I would love to hear your opinion on common ingredients in skincare we should try to avoid when shopping for a new regime. In addition, for those us who need a little extra coverage, could you also let us know what ingredients to avoid in foundation and concealer?

Marianne says:

I’ll wait until the chemical spf 50 comes out… Loving the Alturist!

Charley Sayers says:

What is your stance on facial oils?

Tina Hu says:

Great review, Dr. Dray!

NR ZAAI says:

errrr…..i don’t think so doc..

Marleen G. says:

Yes review the newer one! 😀 I always find reviews helpful!

Heidi Ledford says:

White cast you say?

Rosy Peña says:

I’ve heard before that coconut oil acts as a natural sunscreen. Is this true? Thank you Dr. Dray! ❤️

Miwa Suzuki says:


Věra Chaloupková says:

OMG that whitecast! This is not for me. I hate when sunscreens are sticky.

Gloria Martinez says:

I have been using the iTcosmetics CC cream SPF 50+ . Has Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide but it has color so it feels and acts as a foundation. I re apply as many as I want during the day. XO

lifeb4u says:

The texture/white cast looks similar to the Neutrogena Sheer Zinc…

Sara Carpenter says:

Hi Dr. Dray! Quick question – I have rosacea and my skin is very sensitive to chemical sunscreen ingredients. Can I use the CeraVe AM Lotion?

Raluca Valentina says:

Thank you soo much for this review……it was very helpful!! Please review the attitude sunscreen you mentioned as well if you have time!! You’re one of my favourite you-tubers and i really trust your opinion and advice:) xoxxo

Annette Harper says:

Wear this and dress up as Casper for Halloween.

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