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Asian sunscreens (mainly Japanese sunscreens) are among my favorite/holy grail sunscreens since they offer the protection without the oily and sticky texture of most western sunscreens. I review the popular Asian sunscreens that are accessible from the U.S. and let you guys know which ones are my favorite!

Many of you may already know the importance of sunscreen, but in case you forgot, I also cover at a high level:
– the basics of sunscreen protection (UVA vs. UVB rays)
– the difference between physical vs. chemical sunscreens
– the meaning of SPF and PA levels

Let me know if you see your favorite and/or which other sunscreens I should try!

Filter ingredients chart –

:: Items featured ::
Shiseido Anessa Silver Essence Uv Sunscreen Spf50+pa++++ –
Shiseido Anessa Gold Essense Uv Sunscreen Spf50+pa++++ –
Rohto Skin Aqua Sarafit Uv Sarasara Essence Spf50+pa++++ –
Kao Biore Uv Perfect Face Milk Sunscreen Spf50+pa++++ –
Shiseido Senka Mineral Water Made From Uv Essence 50g Spf50+ Pa++++ –
Kao Biore Uv Aqua Rich Watery Gel Spf50+pa++++ –
Kao Biore Uv Aqua Rich Watery Essence Spf 50+ Pa++++ –
Innisfree Eco Safety Perfect Sunblock Cream –

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DeeEM MDM says:

Hello, is Biore UV Aqua Watery Essence a waterproof sunscreen? Hoping for response!

Sarah Claxton says:

Such an informative video! Love the background info on the pa++++. I just this past year started wearing Japanese sunscreen and absolutely love it compared to western sunscreen.

kimorebi says:

Thank you for this video!

Jaynie Stanley says:

Thank u for that in depth tutorial. I’m not sure which way to go, but this helped me understand better what I need.

MA AG says:

Yes girl. I’ve been waiting for this!!!

Eclectic Crique says:

Wow i love this video. I love that you included a swatch. and described the consistency very well

fufufunii says:

can this be applied for a preteen? asking for a friend

Suzette Carter says:

Thanks so much for this very informative video! Before clicking the links to the products I was worried these were going to be expensive like the other videos I’ve seen of Asian beauty products! I can actually afford to try these out. Thanks again and keep up the good work!

Anjelo Carey says:

are they non comedogenic? dont know if she mentioned it.

Michelle Wong says:

Yes sunscreen everyday : ) great video !

Kylie Eats says:

thank you for the recommendations!

Mari Lost says:

thanks for the video. I am currently using a korean brand sun screen, COSRX, with aloe vera and it is very pleasant to use: no white cast, not greasy, very light fragrance. You should try it 🙂 bye

Dilven S says:

I find that western spf is very heavy/thick feeling, smells strong & leaves a white cast. My favorite is Missha-all-around safe block soft finish-sun-milk-spf50+/PA++ I’ve been using it for years & love it. Really great product for a low price & a little goes a long way.

tina k says:

such a helpful video! I was looking for sunscreen as I’m going away for summer holiday to spain with my family!! I heard about many good things about Biore aqua essence sunscreen so I actually got it myself just recently 🙂 I’m glad you like the Innisfree sunscreen cos its one of my fav too but I’m not a big fan of its fragrance. Pretty sure you will really like other Korean skin care products! You should come to Korea sometime soon 🙂

CremeInYourCoffee08 says:

I know this is an old video so you probably won’t reply but how much sunscreen should I apply on my face? I heard it should be about 2 knuckles worth, is that accurate?

Vivian Yi Zhang says:

Thanks for the introduction.

Aaron Bear says:

I’m so used to American sunscreen when I tried the Biore Sunscreen I was shocked at how light it feels.

Lilly Collier says:

I thought bioré was French lol. we find that brand alot in the uk

Krupa Patel says:

I got the biore one and I love it!

Khanh Dao says:

Physical sunscreen can be used in direct sunlight and work immediately. You don’t have to wait 15min before going outside. This is because the zinc oxide and titanium oxide reflects the sunlight instead of absorbing the radiation like chemical sunscreen. The zinc and titanium sit on top of your skin and doesn’t get absorb. One biggest downfall is that the physical sunscreen will always leave a white cast, doesn’t matter the brand you buy.

Ily Jhope says:

Which one is should I get

CmaxEnergi says:

Thank you! Now I have far less research to do.

Isabella says:

Which of these brands are cruelty free (don’t test on animals)?

Fauziah Sandra Pertiwi says:

what’s best for oily skin??

Jemma J says:

very useful, i wish u kept the camera on the creams so we see what it looks like with blending, while u did voice-over…. more useful for thevpurpose of the vid

Francescadbg says:

Super informative I learned a lot thanks 🙂

neyo509 says:

Biore or Shiseido Senka ? I have slightly oily skin, oil accumulates on my face over the course of the day

Umi Sh says:

Can you also talk about Channel products and sunscreens ?

Sonya Thie says:

I have been using OMI Menturm The Sun UV Essence (Japanese) and quite like it. Just wondering if you know of it and what your thoughts are on it if you do??

Rubina T Siris says:

i love innisfree water base one but i am having hard time to find them on online ..not sure if they are discontinued or something?

Ily Jhope says:

Wait do you wear makeup first or sun screen first?

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