Ultrasun sunscreen review with swatching| Dr Dray

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Kelsey Ponton says:

Hi Dr.Dray! I absolutely love all of your videos. I use the neutrogena hydro boost gel cream for extra dry skin and the cerave moisturizing cream and a salicylic acid wash in the morning and my skin looks the best it has in years! Thank you so much for the tips! As for the humectant, do I need to put a moisturizer right over it? I recently bought the cerave am and it has sunscreen in it so I wasn’t sure if I should just wait for my skin to dry with the gel on it and then apply it. Thanks so much

Tul Si says:

Thanks for reviewing another European sunscreen, Andrea. Have you heard of Daylong? They make excellent sunscreen products with the latest UVA filters, and they are also more affordable than Ultrasun. The brand is owned by Galderma/Spirig.

Dory Li says:

Yes, your ultrasun demo is an older version. The ultrasun face anti-pigmentation SPF50 PA++++ is up-to-date. Yes, I enjoy the lip sunscreen very much too. Thanks lots for reviewing the brand.

michelle B says:

Thanks for sharing! I’m noticing “formaldehyde free” and “formaldehyde release free” more and more on HBA. What are your thoughts on this?

hammypie says:

I haven’t heard of Tinosorb AS before. Do you need both Tinosorb M and S to cover the entire UVA spectrum? Edit: or is Tinosorb M by itself enough?

bogey Bognar says:

Do combination sunscreen also need to be aplied 20 minutes before going to sun or can they right before going to sun like physical sunscreens?

marquise Washington says:

*cough cough Dr. Dray

Tony J says:

i appreciate all your reviews

Chrissy2blovely says:

Can you review Stream2Sea sunscreen?

Ruby Rose Vella says:

Dr. Dray you’re too funny with your eating sunscreen for lunch and smell of safety comments lol

I recently bought the Ultrasun Family spf30 which is currently in transit. This one has Tinosorb M, Titanium Dioxide, Ethylhexyl Salicylate, Tinosorb S, Uvinul A Plus and Uvinul T. If I like it then I will definitely purchase their 400 ml one.
Edit: Thank you for all your videos. I don’t think I would be as sun exposure and sunscreen conscious as I am now if it weren’t for your videos.

WiseFamin says:

The cast boogie! LOL. Looks like both have a cast, though it looks like Ultrasun is a more noticeable cast on your skin. I too am curious about the tinted one.


@dr dray , i have a dark pigmented upper lip…since an year or more, could u plz suggest me how to treat and get rid of this issue, and what products to apply?
All your videos of so informative by the way!

Jazz Sudan says:

thnks fr the info dr dray…love ur videos

ola says:

For mineral sunscreen that might be available in Europe ( I don’t live in Europe ) there is this Italian brand called bionike, I was interested in one of there sunscreens for oily skin so I checked their website and saw the mineral one, all of their sunscreens seem to be fragrance free.

Timbra Joslin says:

Lol……don’t eat the whole tube! Have a great day

Keely Norton says:

Hi dr dray I use ultrasun everyday and the tinted ultrasun is very good ,it is more expensive than other sun creams ,I get the best deal from qvc the shopping channel hear in England

denisse victoria estrada says:

Thanks for reviewing European sunscreens I love them! A favorite of mine is the Bioderma Nude Touch is a mineral sunscreen spf 50+ and PA 25, looks amazing on the face . And by the way I have tried the ultrasun face tinted version it goes on like a dream but is very glittery, 2 coworkers asked me why I was so shimmery when I used the Ultrasun tinted.As always great video.

Joebert Agatep says:

Hi! Dr. Dray, I find your videos very helpful and informative. I’m unsure if you have a video regarding sunscreens that contain Mexoryl filters? Hope you could share your thoughts about these sunscreens. Have a nice day!

John Noel Hall says:

Isn’t ultra sun once day application?

Fiona Midgley says:

I LOVE Ultrasun! So excited! X

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