We Put These Sunscreens To The Ashy Test 🌞👻 ft. Glossier, Neutrogena, Unsun & More!

Nikki and Evelyn face the ash so you can get your glow on safely!

Banana Boat Sun Control Sunscreen SPF 30
Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunscreen SPF 30
COOLA Mineral Face SPF 30
COOLA Classic Face SPF 30
Unsun SPF 30 Tinted Mineral Sunscreen
Glossier Invisible Shield SPF 30
Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield SPF 30

Headwraps from The Wrap Life: https://thewrap.life/
Evelyn’s shirt from https://www.shophellotee.com/ladies-tees


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Chante Lewis says:

Y’all better jump on those Japanese sunscreens $30 for a tiny tube? No sir.

Mayuka says:

your sunscreen should be spf 45 to block out harmful uv rays just a tip in case one of ya’ll purchase.

Ana Pinese says:

THE only reason why I thank baby Jesus for being as pale as marshmallow, don’t have to care about sunscreen application

deadcupcake02 says:

I just realized that y’all live in austin tx and so do I. I want to work there when I’m older.

kimadams24 says:

I love every video you guys do together!!

Anna Kang says:

lol I have ashy face anyway that the sunscreen only brightens me up a little.

Michelle K says:

Their skin is sooooo beautiful ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I’m so jealous.

Tatiana Farnsworth says:

Haha the murad one is a moisturizer/primer that just has sunscreen in it which is why it’s so expensive 🙂

Sabrina Walley says:

Just a quick tip from a toxicology grad student, Titanium dioxide is what makes products, or really anything, white. As a POC, if you see this try to stay away from it (or make sure it’s lower on the ingredients list). Great video!

Jane Doe says:

physical sunscreens are the ones with the whitecast so imo chemical sunscreens are better but if you break out easily stay away from chemical sunscreens

janebell says:

Oh and the Murad Invisiblur is a primer as well. I didn’t even know it had sunscreen in it. lol

dia due says:

try asian sunscreens! way more affordable and im curious how they will hold up to the ashy test

messa M says:

the sunscreen of vichy has one that is based on gel, it doesnt make you look ashy or greesy and it’s around 20 euro’s.
there is also biodermal this one is good too and its like 17 euro’s. I wouldn’t waist too much money on sunscreen just keep looking for the right one for you. (If you’re not sure about the sunscreen just ask if u can get a tester)

Vicky Hamilton says:

love this video was looking for sunscreens at sephora for an hour last night .. ugh the struggles lol . I ended up with the Murad oil control sunscreen and took the sephora brand oil control sunscreen as a back up

Wee Kee says:

Mineral sunscreen give you a better protection tho, especially ingredients with zinc/titanium oxide

Laura Wright says:

You girls are too cute. Such a great/ funny video. xoxo

janebell says:

I loooovvveeee Murad but it is so damn expensive! I just can’t part with the money more than once or twice a year.

Yolanda Paden says:

Bob Marley died of skin cancer. Enough said

Ana Pinese says:

Ps gothamista has a great video where she shows like 20 sunscreens if you guys want to watch that, she approved the one from it cosmetics(around $50) drunk elephant ($32)and one Asian that the packaging is aqua colored it’s easy to find on amazon ($10). They are all mineral!! Hope that helps guys

Flairelle says:

IIm gonna look for the Neutrogena one here and hope that I find it

Hannie Fish says:

“i feel like glossier makes makeup for people who don’t need makeup” truuueee

aniqaabd says:

you two have such beautiful skin!!!

crab rangoonz says:

i’m currently using biore watery gel which is spf 50 pa++++ and is less than 15 bucks on amazon. it definitely has a slight white cast at first but it goes away after about 30 minutes. it wears really well under water based on mineral foundations and is hydrating as well (for those with eternally parched skin)

more importantly though, you should pat your sunscreen in, not rub it!

Rose Gold says:

Great review for us brown girls!

Laya White says:

I use another Murad sunscreen – the Oil-Control Mattifier. It comes as part of their acne kit. It is also not ashy and also costs a grip, lol.

Rebma Yeahright says:

Evelyn kills me every time

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