What is the Best Sunscreen? Preventing Sunburn | SUNSCREEN REVIEWS

My most requested Skincare Sunday: SUNSCREEN! Today I’m reviewing my favorite sunscreens for Everyday, Swimming, Sports, OIly Skin, Dry Skin, Acne Prone Skin, Spray-On Sunscreen, and lip sunscreen. I’ll be covering topics like how to avoid direct sun exposure, the importance of a great sunhat, and how to fully remove your long-wear sunscreens so they don’t dry your skin out, and aftercare.

SKINCARE SUNDAY PLAYLIST https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpKKp45LSZ8tyzBUZRyvdQtwrkWvBNWpW

DAISO HAUL https://youtu.be/_Xnp1lPykyg

My Favorite Sunscreens for face, body, and reapplication!

Cera Ve AM http://bit.ly/2ub1Z7O
review at 2:53

First Aid Beauty http://bit.ly/2tUCQ6d
review at 4:10

Shiseido Sunscreen http://bit.ly/2tVcX5X
review at 6:00

Dr Dennis Gross Sunscreen Spray http://bit.ly/2tVeOI7
review at 8:23

Fresh Lip balm spf 15 http://bit.ly/2tUUdDz
mention at 10:50

Don’t forget a great hat & wrap!

Woven Hat http://bit.ly/2uayXVN
review at 10:15

It’s super important to remove your sunscreen, especially waterproof formulas! Even if you can’t see or feel it, these leave a film on your skin that can dry your skin out and/or cause acne or blocked pored if left on overnight. I like to use a combination of oil cleaners and scrubs to remove every lash bit! Additionally, It’s nice to keep wet wipes in your beach bag to remove sunscreen from the palms of your hands!

L’occitane Shower oil http://bit.ly/2uaTAky
mention at 13:05

Hempz Original Sugar Scrub http://bit.ly/2tVbvk8
mention at 13:31

After you’ve washed out all the sunscreen, your skin might be dry! Drink plenty of water, and indulge in your favorite moisturizer! My current fave in Pistache Body Butter http://bit.ly/2tVlJAX


Mcdiem1 says:

What’s the thing in upper right corner that keeps changing color?

Jillian Lori says:

not relevant to sunscreen, but i’ve been wondering if you’ll ever make a video concerning milia? like ways to avoid it, treat it, etc.

DelaCremeDela says:


Melissa Sims says:

I had to pause the video to buy the Dr. Dennis spray sunscreen. I try to wear sunblock everyday, and it is hard to find a good one.

Doris Simčić says:

Please, don’t use sunscreens with oxybenzone. It is killing the coral reefs, aside from being a toxic chemical and hormone disruptor for humans

jwts atty says:

Amen!!! I am fair skinned and have always tried to protect my face.  However, since having thyroid cancer and having a total thyroidectomy, I’ve been a religious user of sunscreen in my every day products and while at the pool as I don’t want the scar to show.  Now, at almost 43, I’ve reached a point where people are noticing that I don’t have the age-related sun damage that is prevalent where I live.  It is worth using the sunscreen!!!  Embrace paleness!!

Meghan Melby says:

SUPERGOOP! Just released a spf45 invisible setting powder!! And it’s amazing for touch ups mid day. I work at a Farmers Market and I MUST touch up my spf. My issue with spf setting sprays is the crazy high amount of alcohol and that is so bad for the skin as well so I’ve found the supergoop invisible setting powder really works beautifully and not to mention is helps get rid if the oil in my T zone!

DakotaFlame69 says:

I’m going on holiday next week, so this is uber helpful!! I’ve already been looking into sunscreen & this video is perfect! I know that U do major research before you make these videos and I just want to say thank you!

Tristan Devereaux says:

I need to find a physical sunscreen without zinc oxide bc within an hour my skin gets so dry it’s painful. I had an amazing one that just had titanium dioxide but it was DC’ed by the company (Paula’s Choice Cellular Defense). Can’t use chemical sunscreens bc my skin is psycho-sensitive. If anyone knows of a good one pls lmk! Also I am extremely pale and don’t care about it looking whitish bc tbh it just blends in lol.

Paula Iaco says:

Look at that happy, sweet puppy in his bed sleeping!!

Ray Ark says:

I use Riemann P20 and as long as I make sure I’m fully covered in it, I don’t have to reapply all day.

Rebekah Bridges-Tervydis says:

What do you use first? Sunscreen? Or moisturizer?

Haley Larson says:

Sunscreen is the one thing Im lacking in my skincare routine. I need to find a good, cheap sunscreen.

Hanne Overgaard says:

Did you ever try the it cosmetic cc cream? It has SPF 50 but is one normal layer all over the skin enough to trust the protection?

Erica Miskel says:

Your skincare videos are my favorite! I would love to see a video on acne, not using Salicylic Acid or Benzoyl Peroxide. My skin is sooooo sensitive and I can’t use either of those things. I’m kind of at a loss when it comes to keeping my acne under control. :/

Beth Gramkow says:

So very happy you are doing this video. So many you tubers out there will go from moisturiser to primer. They must do it off camera or not at all. So many young teens watch some of them . They need to know about spf. My favorite is cosrx aloe vera suncream itz Korean. I have dry skin and this is so good. Amazon has it. I wear spf all year long.

carolcarol92 says:

I love the neutrogena clear face sunscreen for the face and i don’t breakout! And it leaves you with a semi matte face and feels great!

Beth Gramkow says:

I love my sun hats lol . My grandkids think i look funny . For one it keeps the sun off my face and head but I get headache being out in the sun . For the men out there who have less hair get a hat and a great spf. Skin cancer on rhe head is very bad.

Victoria Butler says:

Great video! My favorite sunscreen that I discovered this year is the Tony Moly Mango Mild Sunblock SPF 50. I hated sunscreen before I found that one. It’s not greasy/heavy feeling, doesn’t sting your eyes and it doesn’t have the awful sunscreen smell. It’s also really good for dryer skin types because it’s very hydrating. I like it mix it into my moisturizer! 🙂

Anne says:

A friend told me recently that only sunblock (the first type you talked about) prevents burns effectively, I had no idea. I really appreciate this in-depth review, thank you! ❤

Lemon Squeezy says:

please help! what may be the ingredient(s) in waterproof or water resistant makeup or sunscreen that causes me to break out? primers are breaking me out too, but I noticed I breakout using waterproof or water resistant makeup – the only sunscreen that does not break me out is drunk elephant’s sunscreen. also, water-based makeup like mac or MUFE’s mostly water foundations break me out. thanks!

abductedbyaliens8892 says:

its important to wear sunscreen all year..its funny how people think it’s only in the summertime

gidgetgoesplanning says:

I wear EltaMD Clear on my face everyday. I recently bought a spray from the same brand to try on my body for a beach vacation. I didn’t burn the day I actually went down to the beach and got in the water. If I stayed out longer, I’d probably need to reapply though.

I’m wary of chemical sunscreens since one gave me a rash. It only happened the one time, and I’m pale Florida girl, so I’ve worn sunscreen many other times and not gotten a rash, but I’ve been avoiding chemical sunscreen ever since.

AmaranthRosenrot says:

I love my Walgreens sunscreen. It’s worked great this summer for me. I usually burn after 20 minutes in the sun. But I stayed outside for an hour and a half, swimming with my boyfriend, and I didn’t burn at all!!!

Kathy Stidham says:

Girl, you are a natural “teacher”! I have learned so much from your videos, and I adore you. Thank you very much for all the research you do to make your content informative AND entertaining.

Jen Johnson says:

Are you still gonna do a video about PCOS and what you do for it and your skincare u use for it? I remember a lot of ppl commented about it and I would love to hear u go more into depth

Saving Grace says:

I use the same sheiseido spf you use. That bottle lasts me for like six months or something. Love it for my face.

Panya V. says:

Yes, sunscreen is *SO* important when you’re in the sun! *For all skin colors!* I’m super pale, but I breakout easily, rarely leave the house, thus am vitamin D deficient, and I dress modestly when I do [i.e. cover head, arms and legs], so I don’t really want/need sunscreen on a daily basis. The only time I wear it is when I’m at an outdoor festival, and even then I use a parasol and/or stay out of direct sunlight. One time I forgot to put it on my feet and then got a sunburn on them in the shape of my sandals. :-/ I also wear a big hat when I walk the dog. [I really don’t do anything else outdoors!] If I didn’t dress the way I do, I really think I’d just leave the house less — as Jim Gaffigan says, “You know what’s easier than putting on sunscreen? Not going outside.” LOL

My husband is Native American and it’s a fight to get him to wear sunscreen. No matter what I tell him, he’s convinced that because his burns just deepen his tan, he’s okay. //sigh// I did get him to agree to wear a big hat when he’s working in the yard though.

rodica16 says:

I use babyganics (I think somebody mentioned else mentioned it in the comments as well) or la Roche posay kids for body (I started buying them for my children) and la Roche posay anthelios dry touch for my face. It’s great under makeup. Babyganics has two versions – the cream is very thick and a bit difficult to rub in and leaves that white cast you mentioned, but it’s great for serious sun exposure. The lotion is easier to work with and less “white casty”. La Roche Posay for children is really friendly in its application, it comes in a big bottle and doesn’t leave as much of a white cast.

Tabetha Akins says:

Like the video, I enjoy my Neutrogena spf 100 and my aveeno spf 50 for the face. Great stuff

Nicole Noel says:

Plz start a vlog channel ❤️❤️❤️

SaucerJess says:

This was super helpful!!! Thank you for always making such great content!!!

straberri1979 says:

I have such a love hate relationship with sunscreen. There can be so many nasty chemicals used and it’s hard to know which ones to steer clear of. I use Honest Co mineral sunscreen and California Baby (can you tell I’m a mom!). On my own face I use Paula’s choice which I’m surprised you didn’t mention. Also, as a mom, spray sunscreen is SOOOO necessary for reapplication on sandy kids at the beach. I recently found Sun Bum spray and I also use the Honest spray. Thanks for the vid!

Plain E says:

Thank you for this informative video!

Karen Ybarra says:

Be careful as many spray on creams contain cyclopentasiloxane – a fertility busting silicone

Rosa Sacco says:

I LOVE Shesiedo SPF. I purchased at least several times. FANTASTIC!!!!

Jennifer Baird says:

I love this!! I come in 2 shades, pasty pale or lobster red. Ha! Super Goop also makes a fantastic everyday sunscreen and a Sunscreen Serum (City Suncreen Serum SPF 30). Doesn’t make your face feel greasy and can be worn under makeup.

Felicity Hart says:

I feel like such a pleb lol I just use the highest SPF I can find at shoppers drug mart ahaha.

Right now on my tattoos I’ve been using a stick niveaSPF50+ face and body…doesn’t have a smell and isn’t too oily.

Athaliah says:

I’ve been starting to carry a parasol in those hot bay area summer days. Yes, redhead amazon goddess here. Carrying it makes me feel so old, but its the best thing that cools me off a bit too. But then again, I burn under car windshields, having that in addition to sunscreen works. As in on top of my 100% pure brand sunscreen or the old standby, badger sensitive. Gah, allergies suck and limit your options way too much sometimes.

Christy B says:

Fantastic information, thank you.

Fletcher says:

OH MY– that HAT is adorable. Great sun screen video!

Musings Of A Fox says:

I wish we’d gotten a picture of Mikey’s zombie hands. That Shiseido sunscreen really is the shit!

Becky Bee says:

How I Prevent Sunburn: wear a sweater to the beach, stay in the shade, apply 10lbs of sunscreen….still get burnt.

Hannah Noel says:

Do you put sunscreen on your eyelids?

Meriem de Wilt says:

If I need to go out in the sun for a long time I will bring my umbrella. And use sunscreen of course.

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